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10 Partial Diamond HSPUs


Muscles aching/ I'm numb, replaying/ That rumble shaking/ With my stomach quaking/ Nothing takes me/ Back like running anxious/ To the understated/ Field of battle I love so greatly/ I must of made three/ Trips or more, these cluttered faces/ Are dumb and angry/ But dull and patient/ Enough to pummel angsty/ Teenagers suffocating/ In the center of a club for crazy/ Misfits who with unencumbered glazing/Eyes consider these troubled cages/ Of ruddy faces/ And clumsy straight edge/ Kids with pumping blazing/ Eyes rushing brazen/ Into a drunken maze/ Of destructive raging/ Trouble waning/ A lovers daydream/ My pulse is racing/ With that pumping bass it/ Undulates in/ My heart, I lunge to taste it/ It's like fucking wasted/ In a muddy basement/ As the tundra laden/ Landscape outside has icy puddles breaking/ Each time you step you plunge and savor/ The pungent flavor/ Of lust and anger/ Busting halos/ While cuddling angels/ Don't crush the p

The Hidden Bliss Of Violence

I try my hardest/ To ride this comet/ Of nice involvement/ In this icy problem/ We call the world, won't lie and vomit/ Out my dignity/ Instilled in me/ By kindness all when/ The mice get ballsy/ And think they can fight the top when/ I'm doing my best/ To smoothly arrest/ All these useful enmeshed/ Feelings from a youth so misspent/ Truly I'm blessed/ But improving my stress/ Levels/ As a rebel/ Won't dilute the offense/ Did you choose me to test/ Only to move and elect/ To subdue all your threats/ When I abuse the incensed/ Anger/ I'm taming/ And leave you bruised and I'm cleansed/ Of your stupider flesh/ And unruly friends/ Like an Uzi I'm spent/ But I still have ammo/ Stacked now though/ That you damn assholes/ Won't pass out those/ Acquiescing/ Acts of blessing/ That last as memories/ Even when I'm at home/ This damn zone/ Of ignorance/ Is filling this/ Tolerance and innocence/ I've been arguing with

Sacred Lies

Don't eclipse me/ I'm throwing iffy/ Broken victories/ Into an open chimney/ To be smoked indifferent/ Alone and drifting/ I hope you hear this/ Choking injury/ In a double dose with dearly/ Departed ghosts that still dream/ A note would thrill me/ But I know it'd kill me/ Mostly weary/ But I've grown in fury/ Loathed and gearing/ Up for battle/ Done with prattle/ And jumping at em/ With disgusting malice/ I'm running at this/ Rusty casket/ Trusting that it/ Won't crumble that quick/ Cause love is banished/ In the dusty attic/ Where my heart once thrust and challenged/ With every heartbeat/ Darkening/ And lunging faster/ A glum romance can/ Funnel ashes/ From nothing and just/ Punish brashness/ Punch the past in/ It's smirking face/ For hurting faith/ And drumming madly/ Asserting great/ But we're hurdling straight/ Into the burning wraith/ That dubbed me ousted/ Shun me now with/ Clumsy dour/ Faces, I'm in

New Beginnings

Here's to new beginnings/ Through the crimson/ Haze that soothed the trimmings/ Of a smoother living/ I'm moving swiftly/ Who could hit me/ Delusion grips these/ Stupid miscreants/ That choose to piss me/ Off with clueless slipping/ I won't lose my winnings/ No longer running in place/ Instead I hustle with grace/ Even if I stumble in faith/ For much of the day/ Nothing is safe when/ Trouble is sacred/ Punching the face is/ A loving display of/ Crumbling hatred/ My club is The Haven/ But I'm brushing the pavement/ With my love for the language/ That saved me from anguish/ Years ago when I sputtered and fainted/ When life punctured my safety/ Done with the aimless/ Nights in barstools/ Like the thought you/ Tried to harbor/ When time forgot you/ Your strife was all true/ But light dissolves fools/ That might alarm cruel/ Fate to spite a parched view/ I write to conquer/ My mic will arm you/ Try to start new/ And climb the scarred to