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Smoking Mistletoe

Smoking Mistletoe You've got me riled up/ These emotions pile up/ And I am stuffed/ Back down into a vial of/ Stifled love/ It's a virus from/ My early days as a child from/ The land of brightness cut/ In half by silent runs/ To you and slicing hugs/ I am stuffed/ With drying crumbs/ Sliding from/ The dying blood/ Spurting from the heart of this vile crutch/ You've become to me/ Slumbering/ In the eye of such/ A beholder, denying what/ I've earned begrudgingly/ Through all this suffering/ You come to me/ So lovingly/ Only to say were nothing, please/ Be done with me/ I'm shuddering/ As I'm shutting these/ Broken windows/ So the hopeless widow/ Cant choke and elope/ With me again, my soul is brittle/ And I mostly feel so/ Lonesome, with those/ Empty promises a joke, a riddle/ I cant expose or lift so/ I'm frozen stiff close/ The doors because the moment's ripped, go/ I'm only gripped so/ Ti

The Punisher

The Punisher This secret festered/ Inside me, I released it, begging/ My mind, "Please, the questions"/ "Cease them, so relentless"/ Defeating treasures/ Within me, beaten senseless/ By greedy ventures/ And things I'll never/ Speak or mention/ Obscene but selfless/ I see the wreckage/ In me and bend it/ Back into shape, weeping well in/ To my twenties, I leap in trenches/ Out of faith, but I keep remembering/ The pieces melting/ The breeze I smell it/ Riding, cheaper lessons/ In grief and deathly/ Emotions, creeping, stretching/ Towards me, why do I have a deep obsession/ With making you bleed and tremble/ Before me, after even sending/ You your relief and penance/ At least I'm better/ Beleaguered veteran/ I keep to welding/ Myself whole again/ But you stole the rhyth-/ M of my life, boulder wrists/ Wont fold again/ Importantly/ I'm scolding this/ Part of me holding in/ The moments with/ You, unfortunate

Johnny Walker

Johnny Walker Dirty, gritty/ Hurt me, pretty/ Please, disturbing glittery/ Purchase hitting/ Uncertain victory/ With its furtive prissy/ Outlook, girl this whiskey/ Isnt worth the sipping/ Perfect splitting/ Up, purse with little/ Tassles, observant, tipsy/ But learning fifty/ Pick up lines could hurry this thing/ Along, curt and whispering/ About flirting, gripping/ A servant whisking/ Me away with hormonal purpose, if these/ Shots dont work I'm limping/ Back to the bar/ Stranded too far/ Away to merge the shifting/ Social tides as I'm handing the card/ To the ratchet bizarre/ Ass with a mark/ That manages our/ Splurging swiftly/ I'm emerging lifted/ Up by false bravado/ It calls for shots of/ Appalling bottom/ Of the barrel vodka rotted/ Out like a monstrous compost/ Heap, pardon all the/ Distraught fatigued/ Demolished dreams/ That flock to these/ Holes of hardened water/ It's probably starting/ To arduously/ Gl

Tree Of Life

Tree Of Life The rains symphony/ Makes history/ A bit more tame, infamy/ Replaced by mysteries/ Of the heart, shade's lifted, we/ Can pray, spiritually/ Inclined/ But crypts rise/ As we explain differently/ Why we fade listlessly/ And fail miserably/ Is life a charade christening/ Amazed instances/ Regular, enslaved, ripping these/ Chains instantly/ Off, send brigades, infatry/ To filet, killing me/ But I'll remain, whispering/ The phrase giddily/ Fanning flames instantly/ To immolate industry/ That imitates living we/ Dont do/ Even though you/ Know truth/ And I have broke through/ Most choose/ To ignore with silly lazy/ Quickly wavering/ Sickly raving/ Choked sleuths/ With no proof/ I hoped new/ Avenues/ Would manage to/ Crack a few/ Entrances/ With definite/ Panic room/ Because I'm attaching cruel/ Imagined spools/ Of string to my heart/ To keep me from fall-/ Ing into a drastic rude/ Attitude/ Snatch the moon/


09 Skipping rocks/ And missing clocks/ As the hands of time inch and flop/ Around towards a trip we thought/ We all knew we were taking, drifting off/ Towards bigger proj-/ Ects, starting as little tots/ And graduating as the beginning aughts/ Faded into shimmering prom-/ Ises and distant plots/ To live alot/ A decade later, were limping, caught/ In a simple prob-/ Lem we learned to dismiss and talk/ About like it didnt exist at all/ Inner mon-/ Ologues are sick and cough-/ Ing on these/ Honest/ Innocent goals we had, drinks mixed and foll-/ Owed by pills and rot-/ Ten cheap liquor/ We figured/ Would take the edge and rip it off/ We live in naus-/ Eous, presposterous/ Conditions that softened/ Our will to solve/ The hidden costs/ Of risking com-/ Mon hopes for a ballsy/ Dream it would take all of our skills to wrought/ Where the fuck is the realest shot/ This idealist fought/ For his steely spot/ With passion, so the world would mir

Just Not Today

Just Not Today I hear that pitter patter/ Of rain softly kissing outward/ Lifting pallors/ Stained bitter, scowling/ By distant battles/ We'd never admit nor answer/ To, its not real, imagined/ If we simply act with/ Listened action/ Simmered passion/ And with a fraction/ Of the missiles attacking/ Us, an inner drowning/ Killer saddled/ Us with a drifting malice/ And brittle clashing/ Of fists and lashings/ Crystals fashioned/ From littered sadness/ And crippling madness/ Until we happened/ Upon rich nostalgia/ Cause in you I'm free finally/ These lively dreams/ I'd likely seen/ Before when I would sing idly/ Seem like a seed/ I planted to breathe ice and bleed/ Fiery/ Life indeed/ A deep trifle in/ My beaten psyche seems/ To scream violently/ Whenever I'm desiring/ A sleep cycle that/ Doesnt leave knives unleashed/ In my head, a reminder that/ These tyrants/ Only seek pyres/ To burn me on, clean triumphs/ Come as we&

Times Lost

Times Lost Boxing gloves/ Caught me up/ In times lost, softly trust/ Wanes and falsely cut/ Ties are starting from/ Fresh places, arming dusts/ To harshly come/ Back and stop me from/ Washing up/ Too early/ In hostile clums-/ Y fashions, you heard me/ Walking slums/ A virgin/ Oddly thrust/ Into a whirlwind/ Of spotty crumbs/ And wishywashy love/ Autumn comes/ And bawling runs/ Her fingers fondly from/ The brawler's cuts/ To his bottled up/ Honest suff-/ Ering, wondering/ If loving me/ Is such a weak/ Fucking thing/ To do, she huddles, screams/ And judges me/ For studying/ Myself while stuffing these/ Emotions under shrink-/ Ing encumbering/ Injustices/ Clumped up with/ Shuddering/ Repugnant wisps/ Of smoke hovering/ Over the love that lived/ Inside the crushing bliss/ Of a Mother's kiss/ Must of hit/ That pipe 3 times, a lump of lips/ That crumbled when/ The roughest winds/ Came back to punish him/ Dust and filth/

Drowns In Whiskey

Drowns In Whiskey In my corner sequestered/ Immortal but blessed with/ A curse, important to weather/ These storms and conventions/ Immoral discretion/ Grants me torrential destined/ Warmer suspsension/ From the life I implored all the next kin/ To give me, born to be entered/ Into a cordial dismembered/ Order to extra/ Forms of regret and/ Informal relentless/ Morgues for the sentiment/ I tortured myself with/ I poured all my extra/ Consideration/ Into some inner hatred/ But this is blatant/ And I'm tripping waving/ Hands up, triggers splayed and/ Bigger changes/ On the horizon, distant aching/ And different ages/ Listen, play this/ Backwards/ And have your/ Brittle ancient/ Answers/ Lashed for/ A simple payment/ It simmers waiting/ As my liver painfully/ Drowns in whiskey/ Ouch you hit me/ It scratches with these/ Bastard ripping/ Claws, at least a thousand inches/ Long, one for every actual victory/ I've had to lift t

Pledge And Honor

Pledge And Honor Pledge and honor/ The depths I've longed for/ Forever calmer/ Than relentless ardor/ I'm dead and wrong for/ The last time, perplexed and caught up/ In senseless constructs/ That rend and harm the/ Heaven on Earth/ I've bled and fought for/ I'll sever all the/ Ties to majesty/ Cause lies are trapping me/ I might've slandered these/ People, but try imagining/ The slice of ravishing/ Paradise I'm handling/ As the strife and pandering/ To vile tampering/ Legions wont be lined up granting me/ Vital amnesty/ I'm tired, answer me/ Why the savage seas/ Stay reliant on trapping me/ Miles and cramped beliefs/ Are a style I'm banishing/ Because if they like attacking me/ Theyd better find a patch of free/ Land, froze stiff and very/ Ready for an obituary/ Slow crisp and airy/ Notice this is wary/ As I close in and bury/ Your motions for clearing/ Broken despairing/ As the oceans ensnaring/

Greener Trees

Greener Trees Why can't this new level/ Let the truth settle/ Within me, instead it stews, festers/ And I eschew lessons/ Taught to me by the dues entered/ Into a blue treasure/ I lay nude, spreading/ The clues endless/ They're thin, obtuse, severed/ From reality/ Keep hounding me/ As I choose destined/ Battles/ That happen/ To grab me/ And gravi-/ Tate towards the tragic/ Disasters/ I've managed/ To answer/ To, I'm too tired to straddle/ Dying enraputred/ By the fighting and glamour/ This style has hampered/ Me for an eternity/ I feel unworthy, these/ Blessings falling and dirtying/ All of my undeservedly/ Hurting schemes/ And now I'm hurdling/ Perfectly/ Into the eye of an emergency/ Stop serving me/ These platitudes/ I scavenge through/ I have to do/ What you claim would be amounting to/ Turning the baddest move/ Into an avenue/ I'm going to gallop through/ And blast into/ A hellish mess/ A

Lawless Vagrant

Lawless Vagrant When my palms are aching/ And I'm not engaging/ In constant dating/ Or obnoxious claims these/ Conversations/ Come back and walk away these/ Qualms I've taken/ With botched arrangements/ Topics ranging/ From modern day scenes/ Of postures aimed at/ Chronic daydreams/ I'm lost and dazed in/ My moss and mangy/ Swamps and lazy/ Rivers that want to phase me/ But I'm not the angry/ Boxer they see/ And though the monsters may seem/ Close, they're false and hazy/ Taught to lay these/ Rhymes down as a toddler chasing/ Books and landing/ In every nook and cranny/ During lulls and napping/ On the tops of spacy/ Shelves, an honest ranking/ Of subjects, objects ranging/ From common angles/ To far gone fables/ A call to make a/ World, inner but ostentatious/ This artist's latent/ Talent is carved from patience/ Armed with pain and/ Using blood for karmic paint with/ Armor made/ From far off places/ Cal

Letter To A Ghost

Letter To A Ghost Out of morbid curiosity, safely hidden within the vestiges of a massive, sprawling night, I unblocked you and perused your profile. It had been nearly 6 months since I'd last visited, feeling like a visitor in a decrepit, decaying graveyard overrun by moss and neglect. One portrait was all it took to level me. Even as we near 30, your delicate face, cherubic and beautifully framed by flowing, raven hair, button nose adorably accentuated by its duty of holding your librarian glasses aloft, appears ageless, immortal. Ancient regrets bubble up within me, a malignant odor, strangling my joy and reigniting my grief. As if by some horrid necromancy, excursions from our shared youth dance before me, a veritable nickelodeon of blindingly endearing innocence and intoxicating naivety. Strolling through Barnes And Noble, arms fatigued and encumbered by numerous volumes, trying desperately to locate a free table, smiling stupidly throughout the orde

4 Reasons Why I'll Be A Vagabond In 2 Years

4 Reasons Why I'll Be A Vagabond In 2 Years As my parole date looms and I prepare to muster out of the service that's cradled me the entirety of my adult life, I face the future with an uneasy trepidation coupled with my characteristic combative nature. I've heard every excuse, tempting me with bonuses and transparent promises regarding where I could live next, to tales of woe and agonizing regret, detailing the life of a miscreant that fleed from the Navy, expecting to flourish in the free world, no longer bound by the constraints of military life. Eager and cherry, they're invariably met with a crippling reality, sprinting head first into a shallow pool of filthy water barely concealing jagged, dangerous rocks and craters. I'll take my chances as I retake the reins of my life, though, even this far out, I know that my path will hardly be traditional, and will probably offend some traditionally and civically min

Dreams I've Known, Lives I've Loved

Dreams Ive Known, Lives Ive Loved At times I can feel the presence of my maternal Grandmother electrifying the air. She's always accompanied by smooth, dripping Jazz, phantom ivory tickled by invisible digits, blistering notes cascading through the charged atmosphere, falling beautifully in syncopated harmoniousness. They're Maryland snowflakes twinkling in the awakening Hawaiian sun, adding fresh color to picturesque beaches known the world over. Now, a trumpet bobs and weaves like an aural pugilist within the sonic arena, and my maternal Grandfather has arrived. Young again, spry and charged with the vivacity of the blessed and enthused, arm in arm with our Queen, sauntering and splashing to the rhythm of the forbidden. Though my fantasies are a few decades too late, I've always imagined them in a speakeasy, defying the ridiculous rule of Prohibition, growling through the roaring Twenties with a zest for life unknown to

Ill Get Married When I Find A Woman That Can Stand Me

Ill Get Married When I Find A Woman That Can Stand Me Multiple weddings are looming on the horizon of my social life. Family by blood and salt water are imploring me to attend their betrothals, and I'm eager to follow. These occasions are always joyous, representative of the birth of fresh beginnings and requited love. Unfortunately, questions often bloom like weeds, stubborn and resilient, durable and recalcitrant. Chief among them is the dreaded, "When do you plan on getting married, Gino?". I always respond with solid sarcasm, assuring the inquirer that they will recieve an invitation to my theoretical wedding before I turn 50. This is usually enough to dissuade the prying escapades, but the otherwise serene pond of my mind is still left rippling and torrential. "When will I get married?", I hound myself, wondering aloud and musing self-indulgently. The honest truth is that I could go my entire