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Current Progress

"I come in peace. I didn’t bring artillery. But I’m pleading with you, with tears in my eyes: If you fuck with me, I’ll kill you all." -General James "Mad Dog" Mattis Current Training: 20 EMOM 6X20 Handstand Pushups Boxing Training: 3x3 minutes Heavybag                                 3x2 minutes Speedbag More fucking Handstand Pushups Little in the way of dieting. I'd attempted the Keto Diet and lasted 3 days before I wanted to slit my throat with a rusty butter knife. Some bodybuilders crafted incredible physiques on a diet of Steak, Eggs and Cottage Cheese, while others ate nominal amounts of carbohydrates and kept their protein high. Oatmeal, egg whites, brown rice, and grilled chicken were the staples here. This shit is basic. But not easy. Prioritize protein, choose compound movements over single joint ones, and train 4-5 times a week. I'll see you there. XCII

Goodnight, My Favorite

Goodnight, My Favorite Intricately/ Inching swiftly/ Towards the inner written/ Scriptures hidden/ Underneath the pictures quickening/ My pulse whenever I lift or shift these/ Little mysteries/ Like, did you miss me/ Always, or only when I fit in with these/ Ideals you had, eclipsed, you kicked me/ Out when I slipped these/ Dirty insolent sheets/ From the casket/ Of our pasts its/ Getting crispy/ In Hell, isnt it seem-/ Ing a little different/ When you're sitting listening/ To your heartbeat, it's a pistol slickly/ Changing chambers/ To make your anger/ Rage and claim you/ Clench your fists and hit me/ But you didnt pinch me/ Yet you didnt grip me/ Tighter, physics simply/ Dont apply when emotion clicks the trigger/ Were not your shills or little/ Pawns to bid, deliver/ Were grown adults/ With souls that caught/ The stench of potent dra-/ Ma that seems to stick to sickly/ People like you, it saddens me/ That your majesty/ Was so


Wistful When the dust has settled/ And my trust in self or/ Nothing better/ Has been disgruntled, left for/ Busted, dead or/ Plunged, dismembered/ A husk, a mention/ Of what the semblance/ Of this never/ Fucking ending/ Thing was when pressure/ Wasnt fester-/ Ing above it, weather/ Thundering every/ Time the ruffled feathers/ Of our beloved elders/ Was called to cull the brevi-/ Ty we're done with, better/ Things are coming for this humbled veteran/ But then I see her wondrous splendor/ The pulse of blessing/ With her, in all those afternoons/ With standing room/ On avenues/ In Waikiki, captured smooth/ In photos, relax and view/ The magic mov-/ Ing, through these/ Trampling zooms/ To catchy tunes/ Like Frances, Tu-/ Pac, Brantley, boom-/ Ing bass for my attractive muse/ And attitudes/ Enflamed like acne grew/ On a teenage face, two rascals lewd-/ Ly, laughing, cruising/ Down the blue/ Water with no aptitude/ Or  care for when t

For Your Entertainment

For Your Entertainment I wasnt born yesterday/ But to demonstrate/ A better way/ To the world I left to face/ My demons, I'd levitate/ Above them to spread the faith/ I penetrate-/ D the devastation/ Of my past and went away with/ A breath of bated/ Air sent to fade with/ The setting rays in/ The Sun's weather changing/ Pressing play then/ Deftly taming/ My deafened frankness/ With letters, pages/ And celestial greatness/ This wasnt for your entertainment/ But rather the end of slavery/ From my flexing brain that/ Had me upset and anxious/ You bet I played with/ The odds stacked against me, I relish hatred/ From the others obsessed with glazing/ Over the past instead of accepting anguish/ I sat with patience/ But instead of taking/ The chances I said I gave them/ They pressed and strangled/ My already distressed restraint and/ I let my ancient/ Secrets set ablaze the/ World they'd been acquainted/ With, and I dont regret my