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 Agony/ Is pounding, scree-/ -ching on my door, hounding me/ So I grab a ream/ Of paper and begin to shout and free/ These words from my heart, it's challenging/ As the pain keeps hounding me/ And the tears jab and sting/ At my eyes, I'm battling/ Another war, how could he/ Die, I thought we'd have a sea-/   -son without a funeral, standing bleak-/   -ly around a coffin as the gleam-/   -ing bugle plays Taps and we/ Have to be/ Strong for the family/ Crowds will weep/ As shoulders slouch and heave/ With sadness leak-/   -ing from their eyes haphazardly/ It's maddening/ Another year has passed and we/ Keep burying our elders tragically/ I don't know if I can stay around for these/ Tragedies/ Much longer, so I gaze passionately/ Out to sea/ And begin planning each/ Step of my escape back to me/
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Condos On Oahu

It's sad to see/ Condos on Oahu I can afford now and think/ Of how it'd be/ If you were still around with me/ We'd happily/ Start that family tree/ To be rooted magically/ In something other than tragedy/ Our house is sce-/ -nic, surrounded each/ Direction by the vast and deep/ Massive sea/ On your hand the ring/ Finger covered by a gold band with peaked/ Diamonds that wrap and gleam/ Attached to a beauty, my masterpiece/ With practiced ease/ I scoop you up/ In my arms and move with the/ Quickness of a fool in love/ Because the mood has struck/ And the truth is a/ Minute spent away from you could ruin the/ Rest of my life so I boost the dust/ In the house and sprint to you and lunge/ In before the delusion crumb-/ -les and I'm alone again, a recluse that brushed/ Against the life he wanted, then was entombed and thrust/ Back out into the world doomed to trust/ No one again, but from then on his relationships are a ruse, a crutch/ That leave him feeling used, disgust-/ -

Across The Seas

 I like watching you sleep/ She said, as I jostled and kneed/ My way on the mattress, stopping to think/ If you watch me, when do you actually fall into deep/ Rest yourself, it must be awful to be/ Kept up by my snoring, talking to me/ Not realizing that I've gone off the brink/ Of wakefulness and darkness until I'm startled and swing/ My arms up and cause you to spring/ Onto my chest laughing, harder than we've/ Ever done before, but you settle in and softly you sing/ I don't mind, because I love to listen to your heart as it beats/ The tears begin to pool and I cough and release/ Them in the present, because what once caused me to think/ I'd found Heaven on Earth is now a harsh memory/ But I bear it still, because though it carves and it cleaves/ And I lay there trembling, starting to bleed/ I know then I was alive for that part of the scene/ My recollection is sharp as the green/ Blades of grass in the lawn of our dreams/ In front of the house where we'd deco


Rosary The time has come for honesty/ I admit I suck at boxing these/ Fighters, they're lunging, robbing me/ Of a dream that kept me up and walking free/ When my life wasn't mine, I'd thrust and pocket these/ Experiences, my trust was not the thing/ Reciprocated but my love was stalking me/ All around the world, but the lottery/ Came and went and I was stuck with all the beat/ Tickets, so I burned them and the rush it halted weak-/ Minded busted fallen dreams/ I clutched my balls and screamed/ I'm not done, don't walk on me/ As the exposure seeped/ In my bones as sleep/ Came over me/ It became my rosary/ I was quoting reams/ Of poetry/ When on the lowest brink/ I chose to keep/ Fighting and swinging, yet closure seemed/ So far away, but I rode the steep/ Waves of my internal roving needs/ The crones and leech-/   -es began to notice me/ So I'd throw a weak/ Punch and found a skull/ In my hand to hold/ Powerful/ Strength that wasn't there before, I was astoun


Haunting this countertop/ Wondering how could all/ This go bad and walk/ Away from us, the patterns caught/ On repetition in my life, absent thought/ A coward's plot/ To brandish false/ Hope and manage slots/ Left over from the branch that rots/ Away, the old adage copped/ As an excuse, wrath of God/ Plant your balk-/ -ing seeds and stand and walk/ Because you are my spectre/ And I'm stressing/ Out over the time left in/ Our dying ending/ The price mentioned/ Was too much, so I write, wept in/ Quiet, bet this/ Life's questions/ Won't answer why settling/ Down defied convention/ My best friend/ You'll soon fly, stretching/ Our hearts like vested/ Lives destined/ To find remnants/ Of each other in every girl or guy messed with/ And getting over you/ Is akin to choking booze/ Down and moping through/ My days, hopeless, nude/ Vulnerable, emotions bruised/ Soaked in blue/ Feelings, morose and gloom/ My heart poured into/ Every poem proof-/   -read at a bar, alone, enthus

A Drunkard's Lament

              Alcohol/ Is a battle fought/ With madness wrought/ From the sadness caught/ Between a man that calms/ His hands and thoughts/ With poison that wraps its claws/ Around his watch/ Makes time pass and stop/ Whenever he slams a shot/ I have forgot-/ -ten the chasms walked/ Barefoot and half distraught/ When I've drowned in bot-/ -tles of the brownest rot-/ -gut liquor, that the damned can flaunt/ Prancing, dropped/ By the rancid vom-/ -it that crams and falls/ From the mouth of all/ The manic lost/ Ones that choose to pad their traum-/ -as with Jack and vod-/ -ka, Schnapps and all-/ -the traps of karma/ Let's get plastered, crawl the/ Line, disasters wobbling/ Pants are starting/ To tear, we're panting, heart is/ Racing, death a tragic pardon/ From the crimes of a master wrong one/ The fortune amassed is startling/ Fan your pockets/ For the change that's always last for varmints/ Alas, unvarnished/ Regrets are magic, popping/ Up wherever you're lashed and

A Call To Arms

A Call To Arms Life is hectic/ And I'm neglected/ Kind of sceptic/ A tank, yet both of my mired treads sit/ Stuck in my own legend/ I'm irreverent/ Yet try to spend this/ Time I'm blessed with/ Writing, spreading/ My boundaries out until their vile heads spin/ A slight remembrance/ Of being alive and friendly/ Now I'm trying endless-/ -ly to survive the weather/ This unbridled treasure/ Sits, waiting to be discovered/ With utter/ Disdain, I rip thunder/ And grip trusted/ People closely, and trip under/ The weight that encumbers/ Me with sick bundles/ Of teeth smiling, I exist, function/ To slip, crunching/ My bones below the big bunches/ Of risks pummeling/ Me, but I still love this/ Life, so I sit, lunge and/ Fire crisp punches/ Until something/ In my wrists buckles/ Amidst huddles/ I take all the risk, trudging/ Through the darkness, I miss nothing/ Because I'm empty, see the shadow and skip, running/ Over and trip, stumbling/ But still jumping/ To get pumping/ My