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Across The Seas

 I like watching you sleep/

She said, as I jostled and kneed/

My way on the mattress, stopping to think/

If you watch me, when do you actually fall into deep/

Rest yourself, it must be awful to be/

Kept up by my snoring, talking to me/

Not realizing that I've gone off the brink/

Of wakefulness and darkness until I'm startled and swing/

My arms up and cause you to spring/

Onto my chest laughing, harder than we've/

Ever done before, but you settle in and softly you sing/

I don't mind, because I love to listen to your heart as it beats/

The tears begin to pool and I cough and release/

Them in the present, because what once caused me to think/

I'd found Heaven on Earth is now a harsh memory/

But I bear it still, because though it carves and it cleaves/

And I lay there trembling, starting to bleed/

I know then I was alive for that part of the scene/

My recollection is sharp as the green/

Blades of grass in the lawn of our dreams/

In front of the house where we'd decorate the walls with the things/

Denied to us, but just know that I'll always believe/

In the best of us, even from across all the seas/

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