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A PSA To My 3 Fans

Hello to my 3 ardent, loyal followers (I love you Mom)! In all seriousness, Justin Razor And The World, though a personal passion project, began reverently enough. Fresh off deployment and fueled by aimless angst birthed by problems I was unaware I harbored, I wrote extensively. Anyone that truly knows me knows that, at my core and if nothing else, I am a writer. As such, extensive journaling, whether physically or electronically, has been a lifelong habit. Cripplingly shy yet perpetually talkative, I was a study in convolution and paradoxes. Sitting at a bar one night in San Diego drinking tea, because I'm a fucking badass, I had just finished penning "Dying Star", a free verse poem about a girl I briefly knew in Coronado. Following the unerring support and relentless bitching of a blessed friend who will remain anonymous at her own behest, I purchased the domain name, birthed in Dubai while devouring kebobs consisting of naught but lamb and beef. I realized that, even

The L Word

The L Word So breathless/ You're coquettish/ I know lessons/ Learned in the past grow tender/ In my mind, but close reference/ Will slow questions/ About this show, let's just/ Let nature/ Take her/ Lead and sew tempting/ Odes, guesses/ You're rose scented/ I noticed when swift-/ Ly you glowed steady/ Past me, awoke, deafened/ As I dozed, rested/ Reality broke, rendered/ Me alone, reckoned/ I'd goad a semblance/ Of hope restless/ From you, a joke, pensive/ But when you spoke, blessings/ Poured endless/ From your lips, a grove treasured/ With gold petals/ Fallen from cozy nestled/ Flowers, a moan, pleasured/ By old memor-/ Ies, low embers/ As the smoke settles/ You said I was a mirage, transient/ Here, gone, ambient/ "This feels wrong", you said, grabbing at/ Me, a kiss caught, happiness/ Is ours, laughing and/ Singing, lift off, crashing in/ To mixed stars, antsy and/ Quick I'll smash these threats/ To o


Puritan I see long strolls/ On lost scrolls/ I've read, absolved, cold/ But not bored/ Of the hot scorn/ I've earned, chalk pours/ Down its scarred board/ From harsh boor-/ Ish rains that mopped floors/ Clean and halted chores/ Calm before/ The stalled storm/ My parched soul/ It's caused more/ Than a heart torn/ Apart for/ No reason other/ Than a deeper cut for/ A creeping dusty/ Harp's chord/ My star's warm/ And you're all warned/ That these cards shorn/ From a fleeting custom/ Are beating up the/ Tall, short/ And tarred, hoarse/ Dark horse/ Starched, coarse/ And marked floral/ Though I sound a tad redundant/ But I had to punch this/ Active running/ Mouthy fucker/ In the back to summit/ This mountain, lunch is/ Tasting sweeter/ Make defeat a/ Fountain rushing/ To the surface, get lashed and blunted/ Ashes flushed in/ To the floor, savage lunging/ Towards the outer drudger-/ Y, asking, wondering/ Why the

Mexican Standoff

Mexican Standoff I'm often dreaming/ And lost in scheming/ That obnoxiously/ Slaughters these/ Softer scenes and/ All this bleak/ Emotion topples me/ But talk is cheap/ So living tropically/ Was the best medicine/ For an indefenite/ Amount of time, sentencing/ Me to hollow leanings/ Locks and keys sing/ Through the Autumn's breezy/ Air, harshly clinking/ Together, washing, cleaning/ My sorrowful evening/ Constant leaving/ After polishing these/ Admonished three things/ Called years, I'll astonish deeper/ Opportunities/ Pawned off you and me/ Moss on jewelry/ Is caught proving me/ Wrong for cluelessly/ Moving on from choosing these/ Awful prudences/ That stop me brutally/ Stalking stupid things/ Haunting booths and re-/ Minding myself in a hostile usurping/ Of my cautious movements, these/ Topics fooling me/ Are a novice oozing genes/ That rocket newer things/ Up to my pockets, Uber eats/ Of logic, shrooms and E/ Hydroponi


Suburbia Promiscuity/ Is not that new to me/ Were lost and foolishly/ Caught refusing these/ Bits of truth, coddled, useless we/ Fought refusing these/ Feelings, now I'm on top, a movie scene/ The plot, you and me/ Lost, moving, we/ Are locked, groove in sync/ Hearts move to beats/ Set by the partner, soothing cream/ You first, I'm not the losing team/ Art, removing these/ Starched, bluish sheets/ And all sleuthery/ To find the mark, prove to me/ That this is worth staying for/ You claim the war/ Inside my head is baiting your/ Maternal instincts, patience born/ Of an unwavering force/ With ancient scores/ To settle with me/ Definitely/ Repaying for/ My scathing scorn/ I get anxious, bored/ And bathe in more/ Filthy waters, nascent core/ Ideals can't tame me anymore/ Than a shade has torn/ Cascading warmth/ Away from my aching form/ When I'm laying dole-/ Ful under its shadow, untainted old/ Ideals/ Might feel/ Differ

Shadowed Beaches

Shadowed Beaches Out of your shadow/ The hurt, shallow/ Curt mouth of/ Love disturbs and glows/ With the burn of damned coals/ I learn and grow/ But the firm hand so/ Present/ Is clever/ And works fast so/ I swerve, gallop/ Towards the birth slandered/ By your Earth, stand broke/ And churn malleable/ I'm sure candor/ Could light obscure candles/ With mirth found low/ In the dirt, hands o-/ Ver come by ferns, tramples/ Underneath/ So come to me/ And earn power/ Germs answer/ When I search faster/ For pure rapture/ I cure phantoms/ With demure outlooks/ And purge dandruff/ From the worst after/ Effects of my thoughts, lurch outward/ Because independence/ Between this obsession/ And me is reflecting/ A listless trek in-/ Ward/ So this pers-/ On could figure lessons/ Out for himself, youthful indiscretions/ I'm quick to mention/ Cause sick resentment/ Except they're not pictures capturing/ Me digging depths with/ Missing t

Broken In Two

Broken In Two My mirror is cracking/ Veneer is crackling/ With the sheer ecstatic/ Electricity neither here or passed when/ My fear, it traps me/ A clear enrapture/ With the wheels of bastard/ Thoughts that keep me feeling damned for/ No reason, I hear disasters/ In the clearest pastures/ Cheering after/ I smear my actual/ Name with sneers and bad words/ Austere and dashing/ Underneath this peerless fascist/ Anxiety, it's dreary, scattering/ Me across the searing land of/ Hell, my queries capture/ The mere attachments/ I harbor towards the dearest answers/ The stillness ravaged/ A silly trap for/ A kneeling Cancer/ Incarcerated/ By the constant hatred/ Levied at himself, a walk I'm fated/ To march in slavery/ Until the end of these arduous days in/ Purgatory/ It hurts to warn these/ Perfect torches/ I carry while nauseous, tainted/ Only in my mind, but not forsaken/ Watch the pavement/ Its tarred and layed with/ Carnage breaki

Fickle Moon

Fickle Moon I know this may lack logic/ I'm too damn honest/ And cant often/ Keep a bland promise/ Take my hand, walk with/ Me and understand problems/ Come with me like leaves smashed, fallen/ Underfoot in a damp Autumn/ I grab often/ At the dark for a lamp stalking/ Me, begging for the light like a plant starving/ A man carves is/ Place out with ants crawling/ All over him/ But I've chosen this/ Life, and the mad mauling/ That I know exists/ And will always land haunting/ Me, I cant follow/ The lamb's slaughter/ Cause I'll laugh dropping/ Exposing this/ Lack of ownership/ Over this/ Floating rift/ Closing in/ On me, I hear the chants starting/ About how I make no sense/ And you hate those men/ That claim broken/ Status/ Out of habit/ Only to chase those checks/ Straight to wrecks/ I make you stressed/ But you love to awake and flex/ In my arms, painful stretch/ Aches and tremb-/ Ling limbs, tracing deft/ Across my g


Awhile It's been awhile/ I said I'd write a/ Set of rhymes for/ Each day of the year, but I've let the time of/ Day bend and writhe a-/ Way from me/ Maybe these/ Deadened eyes of/ Mine could spend a night of/ Penning my love/ Down, spreading lies from/ Truths in a record I've spun/ Enter my trust/ Only to sever ties from/ The centerline of/ My expert crime run/ Isnt this den of life fun/ I recognized a/ Better dice club/ Rolling/ My soul needs/ The treasured vice of/ Gambling, it's my Western lifeblood/ The West that I've won/ Is metal, live from/ San Diego, read my rights cause/ I'm caught, upset and dried up/ An emotional sponge/ Going to love/ Eventually, but disposing of much/ Of the hope and the brush-/ Es he has with eloping a crush/ The moments enough/ To give in favor of these hoes and his lust/ Devoted and such/ A keeper he's a disposable crutch/ Only the touch/ Of reality could expose hi


Ransom The past reminds me/ Of the shattered ice we/ Broke, then demanding lively/ Circumstances dragged us crying/ Over craggy, slicing/ Rocks, imagining times we/ Were together, laughing, crying/ And standing righteous/ I had to write this/ To make sense of the cracks in my stream/ Of thoughtless/ Action finding/ Me heartless/ I'm starting/ To notice the ransom I need/ To pay to you/ Enslaved to you/ Beautiful, your name will soon/ Be replaced with truth/ Again, as the day renews/ Itself, and night brings a waning moon/ I'm facing you/ In my dreams/ You despise me/ So unlike these/ Instances of play we knew/ The pain refused/ To leave me, but baby you/ Slay me through/ Silence, cleaves me straight in two/ Lakes and pools/ Of tears cascading, zoom/ Down the length of bruised/ Love and the charade we choose/ Everytime we/ Send a pricy/ Cent or climbing/ Dollar into the ending riding/ Towards me in the dead of night, these