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Devilish Angel

Devilish Angel Every night I dream/ Of buying drinks/ In Waikiki/ You sitting right with me/ On a barstool, sliding free-/ Ly into Long Island teas/ And extra iced tequi-/ La, rocks, lightly gleam-/ Ing, our plight, it seems/ So far off, because the bridal winks/ And unrivaled slings/ Of your arm in mine make me the unrivaled King/ Of our entire shrink-/ Ing world, time, it seems/ Would pry and wheeze/ To try and slink/ Through our 2 person pride and sting/ But it was denied, its weak-/ Ness thrown away, to ride and be/ Banished on the tides and sleek/ Hawaiian breeze/ The Piper sings/ And we know that either leads/ To the title or deed/ To a house, private springs/ Of rejuvenating isles, each/ Morning, I'll write the scene/ With my own vibrant ink/ Pour my heart out to unite our links/ Those previously lonely walks/ I was the ghost that haunt-/ Ed the strip, closing off/ Any opportunity with encroaching walls/ Around my soul and h

He Is Risen

He Is Risen I came to You as a cocky teenager/ With appalling deep sancti-/ Fied wrong beliefs making/ Me not think safer/ I was lost, beat, angry/ At all these beasts anchor-/ Ing me safely/ In defeat, hatred/ And unclean angles/ Caught, He leaned, raised me/ From harsh deceit claiming/ To be steady as rocks, these feet aching/ In the desert parched, I received grace He/ Indeed saved me/ I ceased breaking/ The laws He deemed greater/ Then my heart's bleating nature/ Christ's arms weakly shaking/ As he hung strong, breathing wavering/ On the cross, preaching bravely/ Before God, pleading blatant/ "Father they know not", these themes changed me/ From a rotting link chaining/ Myself to thoughts that keep me slaving/ For wrong reasons, praise Je-/ Sus for the promise He made me/ And the evil I'm delivered from/ This is one/ Of those times I'm crippled from/ The fissures rupt-/ Uring in my fickle stom-/ Ach, You pic


Reservoir I wake up, and then reach/ Across my bedsheets/ My arm feels heavy/ As it crashes empty/ My head thinks/ Something's wrong, I'm upset, blink-/ Ing back distressing/ Feelings pulling me to the end, sleep/ Then leaves/ And I'm wrestling/ With another morning without the best thing/ In my life, best friend, re-/ Newal of soul, with trembling/ Lonely lips/ I blow a kiss/ To the ghost that lives/ In my heart, set free/ From all but our happy ending/ Floating swift/ On a moaning wind/ Made of tears and clothed in missed/ Days in paradise, cozy, vict-/ Orian and pouring mixed/ Drinks as boats and ships/ Rode the drift-/ Ing currents, a potent sim-/ Ilarity to us/ It was rare of me to fuss/ Over one girl, I went from carrying the brunt/ Of the world on my shoulders, a pair of evil stumps/ To cherishing the love/ You gave me, the clarity and trust/ Was barely even a/ Concept, a fairy tale with dust/ That choked the air I br


Fortune Today the past reasserted/ Itself, sneaky vermin/ It seems the world is/ Falling when I think I'm perfect/ Hit my knees and purchase/ Another sleeve of burden/ The scenes I burn them/ Everytime they come and beat my worth in/ I didnt need or deserve this/ But you bequeathed this curse, this/ Demon lurking/ In the dark, the same as the seasons twirl and/ Pass through/ I ask you/ Was it even worth it/ Because you've been defeated, interred and/ I still cant seem to purge this/ Bleakness, curb it/ It stinks and moves with/ Darkness, inky fluid/ Creepy nuisance/ This isn't evening news, it's/ Common, believe me, you just/ Dont know my deepest, truest/ Thoughts when I'm eager, stupid/ To hurt a weak and useless/ Sleeping student/ Of how to fail at life, to live for the weekend's soothing/ Mix of tequila, booze and/ Weed and boosting/ Your confidence/ By talking shit/ To your woman everytime she's walking in/

Yours Truly

Yours Truly I woke up and my stomach hurt/ I took medicine but the dirge/ Never left and nothing worked/ So I bluntly cursed/ And asked loudly why I was clubbed and burned/ Because the pain was the fucking worst/ My joints creaked; they were dusty, turned/ Inside out by the pummeling yours/ Truly hit them with with a disgusting purp-/ Ose daily/ Maybe/ I should stop trudging merc-/ Ilessly and rest, but my knuckles yearn/ For cracking, and that trumps the urge/ To relax and stop hustling first/ Trust me, swerve/ And miss me with that weakness, I'm flunking your/ Lessons, because they're musty, worth/ Nothing, mirth/ And drive have me succumbing, cursed/ To sweat and bleed/ Destiny/ Won't let me be/ But it's sure/ Struck a nerve/ Perpetually/ Because I'm rubbing cert-/ Ain elbows/ And they'll know/ My name before those ugly curt-/ Ains fall on me/ I'm promising/ My love and vert-/ Ical ascension in this life


Mercy I'm antisocial/ Damn, I'm so grown/ Because I have my loco/ Moments yet I stand like boastful/ Tramps and hobos/ Stamped with loathsome/ Action, hopeful/ I've cracked it open/ The path I've chose to/ Walk, rabid, lonesome/ Down the rabbit hole of/ This damning joke of/ A world, slam it closed with/ My hands in motion/ To slash and torment/ These animals from/ Anecdotal/ Sources, perhaps I'm owed this/ Acid thrown in/ My face/ It explains/ My lack of focus/ Because my vision's shattered, broken/ Fragile, eroded/ I take laps and soldier/ Around this track and notice/ I'm the master closing/ In on this famine groping/ At our sanity/ Scarred at the seams/ Stars out at least/ As my heart's agony/ Comes in dark, rapid screams/ As its carved out of me/ The hole its parts had to leave/ Is charred, damaging/ I'm marked, asking please/ God, have some free/ Mercy on me, and Im recharged, lashing free

Man In The Mirror

Man In The Mirror I feel it lurking/ Benearh my ship's keel, a serpent/ My entire life I'll deal with burdens/ I never wanted, never will deserve it/ But the rumor mill's enduring/ Did I will this vermin/ To kill a certain/ Part of my kneeling fervent/ Inner child, you hate me because the wheels are turning/ To heal my hurts and/ Still be person-/ Able was through naught but sheer determin-/ Action, I'm the fearless worthy/ Warrior that cured his version/ Of your pain, you cant look the man in the mirror in certain/ Parts of his face, his ears are bursting/ From the internal chaos, the sheer dispersing/ Of pain from what I revealed so tersely/ We're not peers, so curb the/ Cheers and verses/ You wont come near my churches/ Because you're austere, a worm that/ Feeds his dreary purpose/ I've been free, you're near the worst winds/ Blowing away your beers and burning/ Narcotics with eerie pursed lips/ Because yo


Villains Sitting, currently/ Wishing hurriedly/ Fixes heard the screams/ Of bored pissy persons we/ Clicked and burdened with/ No more trips and perfectly/ Placed distractions gripping pertinent/ Visions burning green/ With envy/ Assembly/ Lines clipping birdie's wings/ For spending/ Time with a family that you're missing, hurting these/ People, they bitch, unfurling strings/ Dismiss the hurdles we/ Face with a frisky girl and weed/ Tricks, unworthy schemes/ Of a devilish trade/ Penciling faith/ In sometime between treacherous games/ And venomous spray/ At a blessing you prayed/ For maybe seven or eight/ Times every day/ I cant settle and wait/ For the endless parade/ To begin, a tender brigade/ Of reckless and dang-/ Erous feckless deranged/ Cowards with a semblance of strange/ Wrestle the fade-/ D guns from them and display/ The metal you take/ And lift, show your mental disdain/ Because you're stronger than the be