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One Call Away

A Dream Of Forgiveness

Time is agony/ Rife with powerfully/ Connected injustices that like to straddle me/ With love its kind of nice and flowery/ But in its absence its designed to batter me/ Life's abandoned me/ To fight and bandage these/ Wounds that fester/ My tomb it beckons/ But I choose to send it/ To lie right down for me/ Try plastering/ Trite fantasies/ Over my grave with slight handling/ And write grandious things/ About me to nice pandering/ Tight families/ While I writhe disastrously/ And termites devour me/ Your eyes candidly/ Capture/ My last words/ As your fine camera leaks/ As a slight dampened piece/ Of my lavish leap/ From hype's blackened peaks/ Into the pyre damning me/ Decides passing these/ Moments would be a waste/ But to see the face/ Of the cretin chained/ Beneath the crates/ Would be a scenic blaze/ Of seething hate/ Being great/ Thats a piece of cake/ But to speak in faith/ When nothing's seen, it takes/ A leap in haste/ Because t

Sanguine And Scarlet

You're under siege/ So run with me/ Dont succumb to these/ Disgusting dreams/ You love to scream/ Under cover of night/ Yet stutter with fright/ When forced to come to the light/ Struggle with life/ While bundled cheap/ In ugly leaps/ Toward dusted fiends/ Lust indeed/ Can bust you clean/ But trust in these/ Hard truths/ Theyre all you/ Fucking need/ Ducking free/ Of personal demons/ Hurting you even/ As you confess, slurring your speech with/ Dirty delinquents/ Cursing the heathens/ Youve befriended during your sequence/ Of blurry eyed weekends/ You perfectly meet this/ Sickening standard/ Listen to laughter/ As you descriptively answer/ Ive hidden these passwords/ From you to really distract you/ From feeling detached from/ Our despicable plans to/ Cripple and handle/ A blithering bastard/ Is this romance or/ Something entirely different/ A tricky disaster/ That binds the afflicted/ From finding a picture/ That ties all the distance/ Toge


When life weighs me down/ And my faith is drowned/ In an ocean of tears and Im greatly wound/ And my demons try to take me now/ You paint the clouds/ Of Heaven for me with the gracious sound/ Of your voice like a choir of Angel's/ Lightly replacing/ All the dread that Im quietly facing/ Crying and chasing/ Peace while denied of it daily/ A mild engraving/ In my heart of my wildest slavery/ But those bells, the fear is stifled when they ring/ I see your face, your smile it saves me/ And Im a child in safety/ And Im reminded of days we/ Wiled away these/ Hours with chatting idle and clang tea/ Glasses together and I basked in your warmth/ Grabbing at your/ Hand even while Im dashing at more/ To see the world, while ecstatic of course/ I callously formed/ A thick skin to renounce and ignore/ My past and its force/ But I cried at your absence and bore/ All the shame as I was smashed to the floor/ By my powerful wars/ Too down to endure/ But everytime I kno