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Last Word




Foriegn Shores


Shining Brass

I watched as your eyes glistened/ I'm sickened/ By the response that I've flickered/ Across your face, denied this and/ I'm so tired of wishing/ That I could grant your desires/ The nights listening/ And my hands are still tied up/ I have to remind us/ That the past is a violent/ Clash with the blinders/ We've put up just to dance in the light of/ Two hearts, their passionate fire/ Burning chaotically/ Hurting, break all of me/ Enrapture me kindly/ Because we're hazardous, trying/ To avert a disaster aligning/ Baby, I'm just brass that is shining/ Like gold next to your immaculate smile/ Damned if I'm tied to/ The shore, an island grabbed me and denied the/ Soul forming, stabbed and divided/ So we laugh at the pile/ Of emotions we've become, and bask in the time that/ We have left/ Because my last breath/ Will be trapped in your eyelids/ As they close and form a barricade/ When we separate/ And devastate/ Each other the terror awaits/ But I would swear y