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Sentry I hear my ghosts howling/ So rattling/ And jarring, my soul hounding/ Me for these broke answers/ Am I thrown, damaged/ Or chose, branded/ For more by God, my life a loaded challenge/ Because when I awoke malice/ Was waiting for me, but I drove past it/ Trying to close caskets/ But those bastards/ Wont stammer/ As they sing in smoke, panels/ Of trauma and low status/ Behold, pastures/ Arent green but they're the most ravaged/ Coasts imagin-/ Able through your scopes halfwits/ "How did he cope, man it's"/ "Funny he waited this long to broach about his"/ "Abuse at our son's gross hands, did"/ "He make it up, why'd he wait so long, I don't grasp it."/ Because it's not for you to decide/ My perceived rights/ As I tell the truth you deride/ And believe I/ Derived/ From a place of hatred and obscene lies/ These fires/ Have been burning all these nights/ Over years, over twenty Iv

The Return

The Return What I love about stupidity/ Is its fluidity/ You little things/ Dont even sit to think/ About the bitter stink/ Of your own minds, useless and weak/ You choose distantly/ Fighting me without the threat of bruises and pink/ Skin introduced to my two fists and bleed-/ Ing knuckles, then let's have a new dinner feast/ As you choke on this ruthlessness, reams/ Of paper, that move, digging these/ Graves with boom, hit or swing/ And if you wish for me/ To shut up, then grab your crew, infantry/ Made of rude simmering/ Impotent tempers and exhumed middling/ Pathetic idiots, regardless of your duel withering/ Ideals the proof's living, breath-/ Ing and will soon live with me/ Cause Ill be home soon, snickering/ As the truth's shimmering/ Above you, your doom glistening/ Above a fools' history/ Pull and shoot, pistols' sing/ In the fat hands of the cruel mistress we'd/ Loved, she cooed sinister/ As her ruse fini


Skin After I was molested/ I'd come to know whether/ Or not I would be broke, festering/ Or if my sole pleasure/ Would be to not choke every/ Time he came around, I was so sheltered/ By the cold weather/ That love wouldn't clothe severed/ Limbs, amputated/ After patient/ Dancing, waiting/ For the foreboding entrance/ Of arose questions/ Like why'd you do it/ Were you alright through it/ Whyd you hide truth when/ I cried, rumin-/ Ating on the times, rooms and/ Denied clueless-/ Ness on these kinds of movements/ A child zoomed a-/ Way from quite ruthless-/ Ly, and to my students/ Studying these words, I'm the light proving/ You can/ Survive too if/ You dig deep and slice, booming/ Your voice, cause I've used it/ To strengthen myself, the tide's boosting/ Me up, and if you write to me/ I'm happy saying/ That I'm saving/ Others from suicide, through these/ Lines clueing/ You into divine music/ And to my de


Hero Temper raging/ Death grip taking/ The blood from my empty face and/ I'm arrested, angry/ Because the best, my daydream/ Is gone, my blessing's taken/ Because of my distressing flagrant/ Disregard/ For these talks/ Weve been in lately/ I mentioned, maybe/ We could stay abreast of changes/ In our moods, but kleptomani-/ A comes and steals the sentries saving/ Us from flexing, blazing/ When under duress or breaking/ I guess I'm wavering/ Under pressure, fading/ I press my shaking/ Fists to the lever waiting/ For me to pull it/ But Im sure it's/ A choice I shouldnt/ Be upset at making/ With the better ways we/ Were both headed wasted/ Let's instead replace this/ Course with something incredible baby/ Cause I know I'm a different person/ When I hit the bourbon/ Or get pissed and hurt when/ Were belittling, cursing/ Each other, I'm a riddle inserted/ Into the middle, bursting/ From a paradox/ Were scared,


Reconnect The tea is fresh/ As I recollect/ My eager self/ From the fall/ That we all/ Least expect/ Maybe we're led/ To see ahead/ By the Grace of God/ To savor all/ Before discrete regret/ Sneaks and gets/ In to crease the edge-/ S of our perfect piece of bed/ Together, but if we must meet our end/ Here let's reconnect/ Before our feet are swept/ Out from under us/ You're reluctant cause/ You say I'm trouble but/ You're drawn to me with loving lust/ Something must/ Be here to hustle us/ Towards the front of the/ Crumbling bus/ That threatens to funnily bust/ Down whenever were running up/ Some good time, shuffling from/ Ducking un-/ Der the others lunging punch-/ Es to cuddling up/ Whenever we felt thunderstruck/ I've published a/ Million poems about you during the/ Good and bad times, love bubbling up/ But to complete the/ Volume/ I've got you/ In the stunning crush/ Of my grip, and I'm shutting u

Torched Gold

Torched Gold So now I'm free/ Fuck, how could these/ Tragic things/ Kill the magic we'd/ Had going for a few astounding weeks/ The past it seems/ Wont let go of our happy schemes/ Passionately/ I held, and hold, onto the rapture indeed/ It started so casually/ The havoc you reaked/ On my heart was akin to radical pleas/ Because I took action to keep/ You, to see you/ As much as we could stand to just be/ In our own presence/ The present/ Of forever/ Turned my drab and distinct/ Life into something with flash and pristine/ Power and reach/ Your gallant mystique/ Had me prowling the weeds/ And high grasses/ For this guy's chance at/ A pass for his deeds/ Hoping God, in His answers that He'd/ Feel generous/ Cause my eloquence/ Doesnt shelter this/ Inveterate/ From the pestering/ Of his own conscience and restlessness/ Ever since/ I met the hint/ I should've/ Took in/ Hella quick/ I rented this/ Cemented/ Stabili

The Road

The Road If it's time to part/ I'd like to start/ By saying that you and I are not/ Perfect, the fights, the barbed/ Wire and scars/ Left are lines and marks/ That leave quite the charm-/ Ing kind of harm/ The cries that stalk/ Through the night, the dark/ Turn out the light in our/ World despite the narc-/ Olepsy that parched the memories/ Of us without the crimes and farce/ That we've become, we slide and park/ Right next to the lies we're caught/ Up in/ Like something/ In us was running/ Sly and harsh/ Pious taunts/ From the evil row/ You and me in tow/ Only heathens know/ The bonding ties we've barred/ In this prison cell we decide is ours/ The tithe, the cost/ Is quite alot/ And I've forgot/ What beauty was as your smile rots/ We had potential/ But no lessons/ From my past could float petri-/ Fied wood through a door with no entrance/ I'm so restless/ With you, but your quelling/ Of my demons was your

Page One

Page One At our throats/ Damn these low/ Points, how'd we go/ From laughing, gloat-/ Ing to the savage roasting/ Of the happy growth we/ Said we'd grab and zone/ Out with, it's a tragic tone/ Set, and at the mom-/ Ent I cant elope/ Passion flows/ Through my veins when I wrap these broke-/ N arms around you, but now I pull/ The ground from toes/ And feet/ Beneath/ Us and say that I feel I stand alone/ Because you're so fast to throw/ Yourself out of the traps and posts/ As we rehash the groans/ From the last disposed/ Evening where we couldve sat and smoked/ Let the fire be brash and choke/ Us with the fumes/ Be exhumed/ Reborn with our hands enclos-/ Ing the other one's, inside them we dance and hold/ Our love again, captured close/ As our rapture flows/ Forth from the trampled bones/ Of our callous tropes/ Because I have to hope/ Without it I'm bankrupt/ I cant stay stuck/ Or remain bucked/ Off this horse so I ch

Entombing Eyes

Entombing Eyes I hope you're doing fine/ Moving right/ Through your incongruent life/ With your abusive lies/ Becoming an inclusive fire/ Showing you cant look at the bluest skies/ Standing in the soothing light/ Of the truth you tried/ To lose in my/ Entombing eyes/ The proof is time-/ Less, and I'm just/ The fighter/ That refused to die/ As you denied this/ Kindness/ I'm spiteless/ But you're the stupid trite/ Bastard/ A disaster/ Bruised, a blight/ A nuisance, bile/ Will forever exhume and rise/ Whenever I do describe/ You to myself, useless fright-/ Ened impudent liar/ Your excuses final-/ Ly tied the noose that binds you/ Uncouth and trifl-/ Ing, I say boo, you sidle/ Up next to your doom and stifle/ Your room to climb up/ Dude you might've/ Been more than the booze and nightclubs/ But who am I to/ Choose your life for/ You, just know I pray/ For divine grace/ To give you a new desire/ For life free from your

Idle March

Idle March I'm sorry we never island hopped/ I'd forgot/ Your list, now time is not/ On our side, but loss/ Isnt real, let's try and toss/ Some life and posh/ Living into the vines and moss/ Hanging from the stylish plot/ Of jungle we're in, with vices, strong/ Love and pine that falls/ In needles, dont cry and sob/ Just rise and talk/ With me, you're the brightest star/ In my violent heart/ And your light enthralls/ Me like a song/ Written by our God/ In Heaven with pious thoughts/ Let's fly and start/ Our journey and tie the knot/ That binds us, locked/ In place, concise with brawn/ To the tithes we sought/ In each other back in that idle March/ Let's go hike, get lost/ Across streams, serene/ I hope you think of me/ When you sleep and dream/ Of indecency/ Combined with the eager need/ To love you deep and free/ Be with me/ Whether here or across either sea/ Please believe/ That I'm seeing things/ Clearly

Time's Rope

   Time's Rope I feel the distance/ It's real, it's clipping/ What time we have left, unsealed, dismissive/ I'd kill to witness/ The first few months of our weary drifting/ Apart, because you're still the biggest/ Part of my life, whether here or living/ Back in California, I'm stealing kisses/ To take back with me, my dismissive mistress/ I'm done revealing wishes/ For us just to be pissed and slipping/ Parrying, blocking punches and the will to kill this/ Because I've concealed my feelings/ For too long, the mirror is grinning/ At me/ Laughing/ Because I'm steering this ship/ Straight into the rocks/ I knew the plot/ Of land we grew this on/ Was shaking/ Quaking/ And it threw us off/ But through it all/ Even when I'd brood and brawl/ With myself you soothed the cough/ From my heart and proved me wrong/ When I said I was useless, caught/ In the oozing slosh/ Of depression, that slough was raunch-/ Y but you've got me/ Even when I


Cherry This tea's cold/ And it's peaceful/ I dont believe you'll/ Call back for a sequel/ To this evil/ I know I didnt treat you/ Right, never beat you/ But the creep you/ See when we lock eyes defeats truth/ Please dull/ Those blades glinting/ In your eyes, insane shifting/ From today's misery/ To the pain drifting/ In and out, wait, hear me/ Talk, inane simping/ We no longer play, gripping/ Each other's hearts with the same feeling/ I'm dazed, hitting/ The wall, pain dripping/ From my knuckles/ They're sliced, busted/ And now I'm awake, whimpering/ Cause my cut is/ Deeper than ice lumbering/ Inside ovens/ As it tries covering/ Itself with spices, buzzard and/ Rice, custard and/ A live blubbering/ Group of mice succumbing as/ They're time's running at/ Them with fried stuffing, cap-/ Sized, punching back/ At the slight tundra that/ It still is, try coming at/ Me, I'm an assassin/ Rush fas

The Trek

The Trek Manhood, I used to believe, was lonely, an isolated trek through the rough edges of an uncaring, dispassionate world. Yet, as I've told my cohorts, I've realized that all of this pain is a blessing, a godsend. It is immolation, reincarnation of the highest order, a ruthless shedding of dead skin and putrid flesh, plucking shriveled feathers that have waned in their vitality and pallor. Those I've lost, and will lose as my journey towards the realization of my highest self continues, were weak and fated to die, unworthy of walking beside me through the unforgiving wastes of this world. Those that have found me, and seek me, are my chosen tribe, bound by ideology and adherence to personal perfection, physically, mentally, spiritually and temporally. Blood has proven to congeal in the veins of the blinded, while sweat has formed bonds of love and devotion, whether captured by a patch on the back of a kutte or gi's stained with the collecti

On The Waterfront

On The Waterfront As I stalk the night, sleep deprived and energetic, the potent cocktail of natural fatigue and unnatural caffeine coursing through my beleaguered veins, I'm comforted by a familiar sight. A ship, a destroyer to be exact, though I care too little to learn her name, is docked at the pier to my 5 o'clock as I pen this. In the head at the laundromat I'm using, a single word, slave, was etched into the ancient, decaying wall in a haphazard fashion reminiscent of Neanderthal cave scrawlings. I smiled as I beheld it, because the truth it professes is formidable and sobering, a reality to every Sailor that's ever worn our hallowed uniform. Port and Starboard watch, Fives and Dimes, 18's and 6's, and entire days and nights spent awake, zombified and laborious, have reaked their chaotic havoc on my resilient body. Though that may sound arrogant, and perhaps it is, it's a well earned distinction, purchased in profusely fallin


Tropics I long for this/ Anonymous/ Social walking mist/ I used to partner with/ Every cautionless/ Night I'd go out, starting with/ A shot that just/ Led to a constant fifth/ Of Jack in my hands, often with/ Vodka mixed/ With pop or simp-/ Le juice, it calmed but it/ Was ponderous/ Before Tropics slit/ It's own throat I'd park in it/ A constant hit/ In the corner, my card charging with/ Drinks, smart and fit/ But pardon miss/ If I vomit in/ The awful bin/ By where you thought to sit/ I'm awful when/ I drink, an ominous/ Posture that/ I take before slaughtering/ Anyone bothering/ Me preposterously/ Its obvious/ To me that cautiousness/ Is something that needs to be common when/ You're arguing/ But I disappear/ When this unclear/ Set of messages is shit, austere/ Risk my near/ Death experiences on shifting gears/ The limbs I shear/ On the fights picked right here/ Missed lightyears/ Clipped eyes, tears/ Blips li


Garden It's heavenly/ When you're next to me/ Especially/ When we're on, definitely/ The best of these/ Days on island, evergreen/ Grass while the other side is feathery/ Pillows and splendidly/ Picked pleasantries/ But incredibly/ It's not always perfect, instead of these/ Moments tempting me/ To make love to you I'm heading to leave/ Through the door, potentially/ Spelling the/ End of these/ Reveries/ Our memories/ Are fresh and clean/ When flesh would meet/ But still, I'm feeling upset and bleak/ I dread your absence/ It leaves me dead, thrashing/ Around spent, fashioned/ From lead, massive/ Bent amounts of/ Blended sadness/ And left handed/ To the depths of madness/ I kept asking/ What was wrong and you wrestled out of/ My arms to then panic/ And with bated breath ban me/ From what had been traction/ I guess averages/ Pan out and I spent handsomely/ And lent lavishly/ To everyone but myself, not a cent dow


Awakened I'm a wanderer/ An uncommon bird/ Flying, on the verge/ Of a cosmic turn/ Of events, stop the purge/ Of racing noise in your head, wasps interred/ Until it's a nest of thoughts and cursed/ Awful words/ The tropics cured/ Me of what I'd lost at first/ But then it sought to hurt/ Me with every dot I merged/ Together/ On the treasure/ Map, an awesome surge/ Of docile verbs/ Enacting a hostile pers-/ On to do his jarring worst/ The harvest churned/ In me the honest urge/ To calmly burn/ The walls I serve/ These thralls and currs/ Despondent burd-/ Ens on me/ Alarming/ Me often, turn-/ Ing to the parts of her/ That start me sure/ On a pardon, cert-/ Ain path to karmic pur-/ Ity, hurriedly/ I charge, I burst/ Onto the scene with a brawl observed/ In my head, raw and terse/ Call alerts/ Because I'm going to knock the world/ Out from under you/ Make way because I'm coming through/ Rushing truth/ To the surfa

Death Row

Death Row I cant sleep/ Because these damn bleat-/ Ing fat sheep/ Harass me/ With thoughts of home everlasting/ They ask me/ If I'm doubting/ Whether I'll be happi-/ Er back there or out be-/ Ing the bad dream/ I've been to half the peop-/ Le I've known, just last week/ I slapped, beat/ Down three/ Annoying ass teens/ For laughing/ As I watched a movie slammed, beat/ After a savage week/ At work, I found these/ Hands swing-/ Ing grabbing/ Necks to gash and ring/ While attacking/ Panicking/ I stand, shriek/ And pass weak/ Guards, they cant catch me/ Tragedy/ Befalls actually/ Facts and brief/ Glass meet-/ Ings with a pastor week-/ Ly leaves me/ Seeking/ A deity/ To help free me/ But they keep me/ In this cage weeping/ Scheming/ To beat these/ Screws/ Loose/ Unleashing/ Rage when they leash me/ Up like a dog, deep things/ Run through my head underneath these/ Veins running varicose/ My demons seem/ To alway

Morning Like A Movie Scene

Morning Like A Movie Scene Blankets crinkle/ We lay and dream with/ Favor twinkling/ Over us, let's remain asleep and/ Escape our demons/ With faith, relief and/ Graze, Elysium/ Welcomes us, two shades of people/ On a painter's easel/ Flame and meaning/ Claim and keep us/ You face me eager/ To make believe that/ The rage that keeps me/ Chained and beaten/ Wont leave me slain, defeated/ But God will one day release me/ Praying meekly/ To raise the weakened/ Parts of me as I'm prostrate and weeping/ Rake the heathens/ In me over coals, baked and heated/ Charades and leaflets/ Covering us, promenades and evenings/ My shame, my secrets/ My disgraces, evils/ You take them, treat me/ And make me leap in/ To the deep end, you praise me sweetly/ And to be okay, I need these/ Nocturnal/ Drops furnished/ With all your fix-/ Ings and calm certain-/ Ty, it stops vermin/ In me, locks hurt in/ Its box, worthless/ And I'm caught, wo

Line Of Scrimmage

Line Of Scrimmage Even after/ The greener pastures/ Have met me, I'm not serene or happy/ But beat and captured/ I need to have a/ Conversation, but not with the people that the/ Voices say to meet and answer/ But with myself, my deceitful candor/ Is a plague that defeats and slanders/ My name, this creature's laughter/ Seems to trample/ Over me, echoes, my ears ringing, battered/ I keep dismantling/ The scenes and tragic/ Moments from the deepest caverns/ In my head, believe me, damn your/ Evil sadness/ And leap with ravaged/ Spirits out of its reach and land firm/ In solid truth/ Not the two/ Things that walk with you/ In stolid youth/ I've got to prove/ To myself the awful boon/ That I'm ignoring/ To conform in/ This oddly sewn/ Distraught removed/ Tarnished room/ Carnage grew/ In me, I'm charred and groomed/ Charged, entombed/ By what my thoughts exhume/ Every part of new/ Days, I'm parched and screwed/ M

Random Scribblings

Random Scribblings Profile/ Know I'm just/ A ghost riding/ The rails with smoke behind him/ A slow vial/ Of whiskey chokes, smiles/ At me, my nose finds a/ Trail, I'm close, driving/ At it, exposed eyes in/ Every direction, hope blinding/ Me, cloaked iris/ I suppose rising/ Up is a sewn lining/ In a black cloud/ Ash shroud/ For this lone writer/ Bone dry and/ Prose flies from/ My pen/ And I'm spent/ Right then/ I'm left/ To writhe tense/ And fight bent/ Climb trends/ And slice them/ Into a fine mess/ Life's stress/ Is overwhelming/ Suppose I'm melting/ In the clothes Im wearing/ Dont extend me/ Any hands if you're closing, pelting/ Me with fists, you throw them endless/ I'm so defenseless/ Broken, pensive/ Toast, distressed but/ Chosen, reckoned/ Alone and destined/ To own my legend/ Soaked and rendered/ A boasting member/ Of society/ It frightens me/ But your kindness brings/ The light in


Bloom My dearest secret/ I fear I'll keep it/ Here or even/ As I near the evening/ You're clearly creeping/ Into my heart, sheer and cleanly/ I feel the stinging/ Of Cupid's arrows spearing deeply/ My spirit's singing/ It cheers and reaches/ For the heavens we/ Relentlessly/ Sought to mirror in Eden/ On Earth/ Then stop your/ Endearing dreamy/ Weary slinking/ Off to nights of bleary twinkling/ Eyes my dear I'm shrinking/ In your light its beautiful/ You see the/ Good in me I'm too beat to/ View regal/ The fury of/ Losing the/ Soothing of/ Prudent love/ Is unusual/ To me, clueing rushed/ Thoughts that moving a-/ Way from you is being unglued from gold/ And truth be told/ You're the shimmer in my armor/ The glimmer in my heart for/ The sinner and the martyr/ That listen for our God's words/ The pistol on my farthest/ Hip for when I'm charging/ Into battle/ To dismantle/ The symptoms of my karma/


Goldenrod Come embrace me/ I'm done explaining/ Myself to a bunch of pages/ Punching angry/ At a rusty hanging/ Bag, I'd rather run and face these/ Emotions with a hug and bravery/ Some would say these/ Feelings are dumb and angsty/ That I'm young and shaded/ Sheltered from the crazy/ Reality of the wasting/ Love you gave me/ I'm stumbling baby/ Crumbling, wavering/ Unsettled by the dust that's caking/ Over my heart, trust is breaking/ This isnt lust thats taking/ Over, it's the crush I've tasted/ Its deep, bundled hasty/ Together, it's got me wondering, pacing/ Back and forth/ Back to your/ Arms, laughter pours/ Smacking torn/ Promises around, I'm after more/ Like we said, the tragic force/ That powers storms/ Like this is magic, sure/ But it has a bored/ Nature, jumping at the core/ At enrapture for/ Someone new, disaster forms/ As we're dancing towards/ A coward's shore/ From the ocean we'

Punching Through Obscurity

Punching Through Obscurity My eyelids are sagging like a 90's throwback, and my countenance is just as slack. Alice In Chains is serenading me through the speakers, Layne Staley switching on a dime between tortured, soulful crooning and agonizing, powerful wailing revitalizes me, beckoning me to escape this fatigued somnambulance. I've been pushing myself through punishing 2 a day boxing workouts lately. They both indulge my fistic passions as well as fortify my drunkenness on what some would deem a pipe dream. Lately, I've had designs on competing as an amateur, and the admission of this has drawn hesitant encouragement tempered with well meaning caution at best, and outright ridicule at worst. I've been told I'm too old, not skilled enough, lack experience, and have my head lodged firmly in the stratosphere. The thing is, I know these condescensions to be factual. I wish I would've invested far more effort in my adolescence. When

More Drunken Rambling About My Journey In Physical Culture

More Drunken Rambling About My Journey In Physical Culture The act of training with limited means, both physically and nutritionally, has always fascinated me. During the 1940's, men like John Grimek, Clancy Ross, Steve Reeves and George Eifermann made astonishing gains during wartime, both stateside and overseas, on relatively minuscule diets, if not calorically than restoratively. John Grimek lived for awhile on bread and coffee during The Great Depression, while Steve Reeves improvised on leg day by squatting for hundreds of reps with a 100 pound barbell, the sole equipment available to him during World War 2. Perhaps this explains my oft ridiculed and mocked affinity for the routines of convicts. At sea, I feasted on volumes that inadvertently extolled the apparent virtues of incarceration for bodybuilding purposes because they both inspired and sustained me through lengthy maritime separations from civilization. In Jailhouse Strong by Adam Benshea an