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Fences I note the absence/ In smoky pastures/ Throwing daggers/ At me while clothed in ashes/ From when I burned/ The sly words/ You were throwing at me/ When I was exposed and happy/ With fingers flowing, snapping/ Eyes turned/ Skyward/ Because Id learned/ That when life hurts/ Just joke and crack these/ Lonely saplings/ Of hope distracting/ Me from the total sadness/ I felt, broke and gasping/ For air while floating, grabbing/ For anything/ That was set to be/ The better things/ That I'd grown attached to/ Wind blows, attacks you/ Morose and stranded/ But there's a glimmer searching/ In winter's curving/ Blizzards certain/ To listen perfect/ To the inner workings/ Of your hidden burning/ If this was worthy/ Of your bigger serving/ Sizes of focus/ Then your eyes wouldve noticed/ That your time isn't chosen/ To be wasted with the little serpents/ Or simple vermin/ The distance furthers/ Between the fists in lurking/ Bodie


The fist is fragile/ But it allows you/ To kick and trample/ These bitches faster/ Than if you had to/ Simply vaccuum/ All your anger with quick devalued/ Slips of sad truth/ You simply handed/ Your victor's answers/ To as they were skipping past you/ This mission has to/ Be crisp and handled/ With slick detachment/ And a sickening rabid/ Need for lifting rabbits/ From their hat's to be delicious samples/ For others who would think to quit and tackle/ You, insipid rascals/ Kill these assholes/ With flaming rhetoric/ Changing detriments/ That stayed impediments/ To your raging energy/ For too long into unbreaking sentences/ Taking enemies/ And fileting desolate/ Bitter minds/ With killer rhymes/ And splitting lines/ Of archaic sentiments/ With displays of penmanship/ That embrace your eminence/ My blade is endless in/ Countless best brazen seller's lists/ I forsake the settlements/ Of insanely festering/ Former aching bretheren/

Lake Berryessa

I've missed another birthday party/ If only you'd heard me calling/ I'm working all these/ Hours for this burning body/ To hurt me constant/ With surly haunting/ Words that polished/ The serpent longing/ To devour me/ As I'm cowering/ Behind a worthless promise/ Serving calmly/ And swerving on these/ Deadly roads/ While heading home/ In a deathly zone/ To be curtly prompted/ With a whirring saw that/ You said would cure and varnish/ Your worldly nonsense/ I've endured the scarring/ As I travel down these/ Saddened black sleeves/ Of gravel laughing/ Like jackals at me/ A tragic sampling/ Of life as this half breed/ Of clans with crackling/ Blue eyes and slandered pasts we/ All hate suddenly/ Run up on these/ Ancestors with love to bring/ Don't run from me/ Fastly/ The other half/ Of me are grumbling mad/ Because of trustless glass/ Houses that are crumbling bad/ The dunces cap/ Is sliding, it's a clustered hat/ T

Curious Contemplation

My emotions are tumultuous, a whirling tornado throwing me around chaotically with no certain direction. I am trapped in the eye of a storm that has been raging vehemently for the past year. Whom can I trust? When friendship becomes a creaking facade and disrespect laughs mockingly behind a thin veneer of humor and joviality, I am crestfallen and wandering. Crippled by indecision and weakened by the constant hammering of my trust in my own instincts, I return intuitively to that old harbinger of my past isolation and sustenance; pure, unbridled rage. Fists clenched and compassion askew, the only thing that saves my would be targets is my sense of rationality. Compassion is a finite resource, not to be squandered on the undeserving. When I first arrived, I was immediately thrust into an arena I was totally unprepared for. The world I had occupied for the past 3.5 years was one of combat and character, where disputes were settled with clashing bones and straining muscles in