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Smoking Mistletoe

Smoking Mistletoe You've got me riled up/ These emotions pile up/ And I am stuffed/ Back down into a vial of/ Stifled love/ It's a virus from/ My early days as a child from/ The land of brightness cut/ In half by silent runs/ To you and slicing hugs/ I am stuffed/ With drying crumbs/ Sliding from/ The dying blood/ Spurting from the heart of this vile crutch/ You've become to me/ Slumbering/ In the eye of such/ A beholder, denying what/ I've earned begrudgingly/ Through all this suffering/ You come to me/ So lovingly/ Only to say were nothing, please/ Be done with me/ I'm shuddering/ As I'm shutting these/ Broken windows/ So the hopeless widow/ Cant choke and elope/ With me again, my soul is brittle/ And I mostly feel so/ Lonesome, with those/ Empty promises a joke, a riddle/ I cant expose or lift so/ I'm frozen stiff close/ The doors because the moment's ripped, go/ I'm only gripped so/ Ti

The Punisher

The Punisher This secret festered/ Inside me, I released it, begging/ My mind, "Please, the questions"/ "Cease them, so relentless"/ Defeating treasures/ Within me, beaten senseless/ By greedy ventures/ And things I'll never/ Speak or mention/ Obscene but selfless/ I see the wreckage/ In me and bend it/ Back into shape, weeping well in/ To my twenties, I leap in trenches/ Out of faith, but I keep remembering/ The pieces melting/ The breeze I smell it/ Riding, cheaper lessons/ In grief and deathly/ Emotions, creeping, stretching/ Towards me, why do I have a deep obsession/ With making you bleed and tremble/ Before me, after even sending/ You your relief and penance/ At least I'm better/ Beleaguered veteran/ I keep to welding/ Myself whole again/ But you stole the rhyth-/ M of my life, boulder wrists/ Wont fold again/ Importantly/ I'm scolding this/ Part of me holding in/ The moments with/ You, unfortunate

Johnny Walker

Johnny Walker Dirty, gritty/ Hurt me, pretty/ Please, disturbing glittery/ Purchase hitting/ Uncertain victory/ With its furtive prissy/ Outlook, girl this whiskey/ Isnt worth the sipping/ Perfect splitting/ Up, purse with little/ Tassles, observant, tipsy/ But learning fifty/ Pick up lines could hurry this thing/ Along, curt and whispering/ About flirting, gripping/ A servant whisking/ Me away with hormonal purpose, if these/ Shots dont work I'm limping/ Back to the bar/ Stranded too far/ Away to merge the shifting/ Social tides as I'm handing the card/ To the ratchet bizarre/ Ass with a mark/ That manages our/ Splurging swiftly/ I'm emerging lifted/ Up by false bravado/ It calls for shots of/ Appalling bottom/ Of the barrel vodka rotted/ Out like a monstrous compost/ Heap, pardon all the/ Distraught fatigued/ Demolished dreams/ That flock to these/ Holes of hardened water/ It's probably starting/ To arduously/ Gl

Tree Of Life

Tree Of Life The rains symphony/ Makes history/ A bit more tame, infamy/ Replaced by mysteries/ Of the heart, shade's lifted, we/ Can pray, spiritually/ Inclined/ But crypts rise/ As we explain differently/ Why we fade listlessly/ And fail miserably/ Is life a charade christening/ Amazed instances/ Regular, enslaved, ripping these/ Chains instantly/ Off, send brigades, infatry/ To filet, killing me/ But I'll remain, whispering/ The phrase giddily/ Fanning flames instantly/ To immolate industry/ That imitates living we/ Dont do/ Even though you/ Know truth/ And I have broke through/ Most choose/ To ignore with silly lazy/ Quickly wavering/ Sickly raving/ Choked sleuths/ With no proof/ I hoped new/ Avenues/ Would manage to/ Crack a few/ Entrances/ With definite/ Panic room/ Because I'm attaching cruel/ Imagined spools/ Of string to my heart/ To keep me from fall-/ Ing into a drastic rude/ Attitude/ Snatch the moon/


09 Skipping rocks/ And missing clocks/ As the hands of time inch and flop/ Around towards a trip we thought/ We all knew we were taking, drifting off/ Towards bigger proj-/ Ects, starting as little tots/ And graduating as the beginning aughts/ Faded into shimmering prom-/ Ises and distant plots/ To live alot/ A decade later, were limping, caught/ In a simple prob-/ Lem we learned to dismiss and talk/ About like it didnt exist at all/ Inner mon-/ Ologues are sick and cough-/ Ing on these/ Honest/ Innocent goals we had, drinks mixed and foll-/ Owed by pills and rot-/ Ten cheap liquor/ We figured/ Would take the edge and rip it off/ We live in naus-/ Eous, presposterous/ Conditions that softened/ Our will to solve/ The hidden costs/ Of risking com-/ Mon hopes for a ballsy/ Dream it would take all of our skills to wrought/ Where the fuck is the realest shot/ This idealist fought/ For his steely spot/ With passion, so the world would mir

Just Not Today

Just Not Today I hear that pitter patter/ Of rain softly kissing outward/ Lifting pallors/ Stained bitter, scowling/ By distant battles/ We'd never admit nor answer/ To, its not real, imagined/ If we simply act with/ Listened action/ Simmered passion/ And with a fraction/ Of the missiles attacking/ Us, an inner drowning/ Killer saddled/ Us with a drifting malice/ And brittle clashing/ Of fists and lashings/ Crystals fashioned/ From littered sadness/ And crippling madness/ Until we happened/ Upon rich nostalgia/ Cause in you I'm free finally/ These lively dreams/ I'd likely seen/ Before when I would sing idly/ Seem like a seed/ I planted to breathe ice and bleed/ Fiery/ Life indeed/ A deep trifle in/ My beaten psyche seems/ To scream violently/ Whenever I'm desiring/ A sleep cycle that/ Doesnt leave knives unleashed/ In my head, a reminder that/ These tyrants/ Only seek pyres/ To burn me on, clean triumphs/ Come as we&

Times Lost

Times Lost Boxing gloves/ Caught me up/ In times lost, softly trust/ Wanes and falsely cut/ Ties are starting from/ Fresh places, arming dusts/ To harshly come/ Back and stop me from/ Washing up/ Too early/ In hostile clums-/ Y fashions, you heard me/ Walking slums/ A virgin/ Oddly thrust/ Into a whirlwind/ Of spotty crumbs/ And wishywashy love/ Autumn comes/ And bawling runs/ Her fingers fondly from/ The brawler's cuts/ To his bottled up/ Honest suff-/ Ering, wondering/ If loving me/ Is such a weak/ Fucking thing/ To do, she huddles, screams/ And judges me/ For studying/ Myself while stuffing these/ Emotions under shrink-/ Ing encumbering/ Injustices/ Clumped up with/ Shuddering/ Repugnant wisps/ Of smoke hovering/ Over the love that lived/ Inside the crushing bliss/ Of a Mother's kiss/ Must of hit/ That pipe 3 times, a lump of lips/ That crumbled when/ The roughest winds/ Came back to punish him/ Dust and filth/