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Lawless Vagrant

Lawless Vagrant When my palms are aching/ And I'm not engaging/ In constant dating/ Or obnoxious claims these/ Conversations/ Come back and walk away these/ Qualms I've taken/ With botched arrangements/ Topics ranging/ From modern day scenes/ Of postures aimed at/ Chronic daydreams/ I'm lost and dazed in/ My moss and mangy/ Swamps and lazy/ Rivers that want to phase me/ But I'm not the angry/ Boxer they see/ And though the monsters may seem/ Close, they're false and hazy/ Taught to lay these/ Rhymes down as a toddler chasing/ Books and landing/ In every nook and cranny/ During lulls and napping/ On the tops of spacy/ Shelves, an honest ranking/ Of subjects, objects ranging/ From common angles/ To far gone fables/ A call to make a/ World, inner but ostentatious/ This artist's latent/ Talent is carved from patience/ Armed with pain and/ Using blood for karmic paint with/ Armor made/ From far off places/ Cal