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Condos On Oahu

It's sad to see/ Condos on Oahu I can afford now and think/ Of how it'd be/ If you were still around with me/ We'd happily/ Start that family tree/ To be rooted magically/ In something other than tragedy/ Our house is sce-/ -nic, surrounded each/ Direction by the vast and deep/ Massive sea/ On your hand the ring/ Finger covered by a gold band with peaked/ Diamonds that wrap and gleam/ Attached to a beauty, my masterpiece/ With practiced ease/ I scoop you up/ In my arms and move with the/ Quickness of a fool in love/ Because the mood has struck/ And the truth is a/ Minute spent away from you could ruin the/ Rest of my life so I boost the dust/ In the house and sprint to you and lunge/ In before the delusion crumb-/ -les and I'm alone again, a recluse that brushed/ Against the life he wanted, then was entombed and thrust/ Back out into the world doomed to trust/ No one again, but from then on his relationships are a ruse, a crutch/ That leave him feeling used, disgust-/ -