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Muse I'm back home/ So I try to act whole/ When the actual/ Facts throw/ Me for a loop, I'm damned, ghost-/ Ed by the past, so/ I ask jov-/ Ial people what they have more/ Of than me, that smoke/ Has to point to a fire, a vast snow/ Fall of ash coats/ My hands, soaked/ In the blood of my kin, I'm casual/ And that broke/ Me wide awake/ I can take/ The silence, strained/ Relationships and the time away/ As the straw that finally breaks/ The camel's back, the tidal wave/ I was splayed/ Out, righteous may-/ Be, but try to face/ This life I stake/ Like a raise/ At the poker table with every line I gave/ Breath to on this rhyming page/ No longer that minor slave/ That writhes in vain/ To fight, escape/ From this icy plain/ Of fiery pain/ But it's fine, I'll stay/ Because it's your lies I've slain/ Not with violent wag-/ Ing wars but because I would rise and pray/ For you, and will until my dying day/ So in solitude/ I walk anew/ Not entombed/ In parlor rooms/