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Drowns In Whiskey

Drowns In Whiskey In my corner sequestered/ Immortal but blessed with/ A curse, important to weather/ These storms and conventions/ Immoral discretion/ Grants me torrential destined/ Warmer suspsension/ From the life I implored all the next kin/ To give me, born to be entered/ Into a cordial dismembered/ Order to extra/ Forms of regret and/ Informal relentless/ Morgues for the sentiment/ I tortured myself with/ I poured all my extra/ Consideration/ Into some inner hatred/ But this is blatant/ And I'm tripping waving/ Hands up, triggers splayed and/ Bigger changes/ On the horizon, distant aching/ And different ages/ Listen, play this/ Backwards/ And have your/ Brittle ancient/ Answers/ Lashed for/ A simple payment/ It simmers waiting/ As my liver painfully/ Drowns in whiskey/ Ouch you hit me/ It scratches with these/ Bastard ripping/ Claws, at least a thousand inches/ Long, one for every actual victory/ I've had to lift t

Pledge And Honor

Pledge And Honor Pledge and honor/ The depths I've longed for/ Forever calmer/ Than relentless ardor/ I'm dead and wrong for/ The last time, perplexed and caught up/ In senseless constructs/ That rend and harm the/ Heaven on Earth/ I've bled and fought for/ I'll sever all the/ Ties to majesty/ Cause lies are trapping me/ I might've slandered these/ People, but try imagining/ The slice of ravishing/ Paradise I'm handling/ As the strife and pandering/ To vile tampering/ Legions wont be lined up granting me/ Vital amnesty/ I'm tired, answer me/ Why the savage seas/ Stay reliant on trapping me/ Miles and cramped beliefs/ Are a style I'm banishing/ Because if they like attacking me/ Theyd better find a patch of free/ Land, froze stiff and very/ Ready for an obituary/ Slow crisp and airy/ Notice this is wary/ As I close in and bury/ Your motions for clearing/ Broken despairing/ As the oceans ensnaring/

Greener Trees

Greener Trees Why can't this new level/ Let the truth settle/ Within me, instead it stews, festers/ And I eschew lessons/ Taught to me by the dues entered/ Into a blue treasure/ I lay nude, spreading/ The clues endless/ They're thin, obtuse, severed/ From reality/ Keep hounding me/ As I choose destined/ Battles/ That happen/ To grab me/ And gravi-/ Tate towards the tragic/ Disasters/ I've managed/ To answer/ To, I'm too tired to straddle/ Dying enraputred/ By the fighting and glamour/ This style has hampered/ Me for an eternity/ I feel unworthy, these/ Blessings falling and dirtying/ All of my undeservedly/ Hurting schemes/ And now I'm hurdling/ Perfectly/ Into the eye of an emergency/ Stop serving me/ These platitudes/ I scavenge through/ I have to do/ What you claim would be amounting to/ Turning the baddest move/ Into an avenue/ I'm going to gallop through/ And blast into/ A hellish mess/ A