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Sentry I hear my ghosts howling/ So rattling/ And jarring, my soul hounding/ Me for these broke answers/ Am I thrown, damaged/ Or chose, branded/ For more by God, my life a loaded challenge/ Because when I awoke malice/ Was waiting for me, but I drove past it/ Trying to close caskets/ But those bastards/ Wont stammer/ As they sing in smoke, panels/ Of trauma and low status/ Behold, pastures/ Arent green but they're the most ravaged/ Coasts imagin-/ Able through your scopes halfwits/ "How did he cope, man it's"/ "Funny he waited this long to broach about his"/ "Abuse at our son's gross hands, did"/ "He make it up, why'd he wait so long, I don't grasp it."/ Because it's not for you to decide/ My perceived rights/ As I tell the truth you deride/ And believe I/ Derived/ From a place of hatred and obscene lies/ These fires/ Have been burning all these nights/ Over years, over twenty Iv

The Return

The Return What I love about stupidity/ Is its fluidity/ You little things/ Dont even sit to think/ About the bitter stink/ Of your own minds, useless and weak/ You choose distantly/ Fighting me without the threat of bruises and pink/ Skin introduced to my two fists and bleed-/ Ing knuckles, then let's have a new dinner feast/ As you choke on this ruthlessness, reams/ Of paper, that move, digging these/ Graves with boom, hit or swing/ And if you wish for me/ To shut up, then grab your crew, infantry/ Made of rude simmering/ Impotent tempers and exhumed middling/ Pathetic idiots, regardless of your duel withering/ Ideals the proof's living, breath-/ Ing and will soon live with me/ Cause Ill be home soon, snickering/ As the truth's shimmering/ Above you, your doom glistening/ Above a fools' history/ Pull and shoot, pistols' sing/ In the fat hands of the cruel mistress we'd/ Loved, she cooed sinister/ As her ruse fini