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Idle March

Idle March I'm sorry we never island hopped/ I'd forgot/ Your list, now time is not/ On our side, but loss/ Isnt real, let's try and toss/ Some life and posh/ Living into the vines and moss/ Hanging from the stylish plot/ Of jungle we're in, with vices, strong/ Love and pine that falls/ In needles, dont cry and sob/ Just rise and talk/ With me, you're the brightest star/ In my violent heart/ And your light enthralls/ Me like a song/ Written by our God/ In Heaven with pious thoughts/ Let's fly and start/ Our journey and tie the knot/ That binds us, locked/ In place, concise with brawn/ To the tithes we sought/ In each other back in that idle March/ Let's go hike, get lost/ Across streams, serene/ I hope you think of me/ When you sleep and dream/ Of indecency/ Combined with the eager need/ To love you deep and free/ Be with me/ Whether here or across either sea/ Please believe/ That I'm seeing things/ Clearly

Time's Rope

   Time's Rope I feel the distance/ It's real, it's clipping/ What time we have left, unsealed, dismissive/ I'd kill to witness/ The first few months of our weary drifting/ Apart, because you're still the biggest/ Part of my life, whether here or living/ Back in California, I'm stealing kisses/ To take back with me, my dismissive mistress/ I'm done revealing wishes/ For us just to be pissed and slipping/ Parrying, blocking punches and the will to kill this/ Because I've concealed my feelings/ For too long, the mirror is grinning/ At me/ Laughing/ Because I'm steering this ship/ Straight into the rocks/ I knew the plot/ Of land we grew this on/ Was shaking/ Quaking/ And it threw us off/ But through it all/ Even when I'd brood and brawl/ With myself you soothed the cough/ From my heart and proved me wrong/ When I said I was useless, caught/ In the oozing slosh/ Of depression, that slough was raunch-/ Y but you've got me/ Even when I


Cherry This tea's cold/ And it's peaceful/ I dont believe you'll/ Call back for a sequel/ To this evil/ I know I didnt treat you/ Right, never beat you/ But the creep you/ See when we lock eyes defeats truth/ Please dull/ Those blades glinting/ In your eyes, insane shifting/ From today's misery/ To the pain drifting/ In and out, wait, hear me/ Talk, inane simping/ We no longer play, gripping/ Each other's hearts with the same feeling/ I'm dazed, hitting/ The wall, pain dripping/ From my knuckles/ They're sliced, busted/ And now I'm awake, whimpering/ Cause my cut is/ Deeper than ice lumbering/ Inside ovens/ As it tries covering/ Itself with spices, buzzard and/ Rice, custard and/ A live blubbering/ Group of mice succumbing as/ They're time's running at/ Them with fried stuffing, cap-/ Sized, punching back/ At the slight tundra that/ It still is, try coming at/ Me, I'm an assassin/ Rush fas