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Treasured Myths

Treasured Myths Anxiety/ Stays frightening/ I pray I can be/ The change brightening/ The world of some brave admiring/ Reader out there that strays silently/ To my blog, to claim rightfully/ That we share the same type of needs/ The array blinding me/ Is complex, pain minding me/ With every move I make/ And screw I tame/ When it's loose and break-/ Ing/ I'm making/ The same de-/ Mented mistakes we/ All do, don't play hide and seek/ With my insane mind and sneak/ In to lay behind my feet/ Because these chains bind and squeak/ And make bison seem/ Quiet by comparison/ Some arrogance/ Would compel me to love errants and/ Run errands with/ Trust buried in/ My crushed merriment/ I'm done parrying/ The punch staring me/ In my face, a crunched flaring up/ Case of bust tearing up/ Eyes is what mirrors the/ Lies I'm fucked wearing cause/ Im delusional/ Illusions fooled/ Me, these stupid rules/ You made me follow, clues were

Mark Of Cain

Mark Of Cain These aren't comparable/ All of it's bull-/ Shit I'm not in the school/ Of fish you offered to mull/ Over/ Because your closure/ Was stolen/ Because your own dishonesty fueled/ A hypocrisy cooled/ Over losses and cruel/ Introductions to a toxin that you'll/ March in with proof/ That lights the darkness in full/ Corners/ Of your mind that you molded/ Into a fortress/ To protect the object of youth/ That you callously/ Tried to grab from me/ While it was happening/ I thought nothing of abnormality/ How could these/ Bonds be shattered weak/ By a fragile freak/ That trampled me/ Powerfully/ Rescued by a rabid sea/ That brought out the man in me/ This bastard weeps/ On deaf ears/ Because I'm dead clear/ On what has to be/ Done, are you understanding me/ As I ravage these/ Secret plans I keep/ To slash the seams/ Of your miniature world like an assassin dreams/ But a pastor's creed/ Would save me as I b


Element The fog is lifted/ But the shot is rico-/ Cheting around with an astonishing quickness/ Adonis lifts his/ Distraught opinion/ Of a lost inscription/ On a memory that I pause and sift in/ Just to be caught with simple/ Paranoia/ Staring for the/ Drama living/ In this preposterous prison/ I've created to haunt my vision/ Because I'm not a victim/ To anyone but myself, and when I want to slither/ Out of this obnoxious slippery/ Slope on my belly to avoid the toppling buildings/ I get a nauseous feeling/ And begin to fight a dauntless system/ As my cautious middle/ Ground quakes and I fall in swimming/ I caught a glimmer/ Of hope in a twinkling glance/ Singing rapt/ Songs that drink these past/ Few hours away, a clinking glass/ Leaves me sad/ But breathing blasts/ Of hot air that delete these acts/ Of contrition/ Against me with dumb fiction/ And I'm done listening/ To an obscene recant-/ Ing of what I thought were unceasi

Thoughts Like Cannonballs

Thoughts Like Cannonballs A cannonball/ Had the gall/ To just have to fall/ In my room, distracting all/ My rampant thoughts/ Animos-/ Ity grabs my palm/ As laughter drops/ Away, telling me the past has dawned/ And the battles on/ The rapid knocks/ On the already active box/ Holding this spastic flock/ Of manic lost/ Brain cells together are the blasting cross/ Of a mastodon's/ Footfalls and a rattling glock/ That shoots stammering shots/ Inside of glass and blots/ Of ink, I passed them off/ As if they answered all/ My questions just so I could stand and block/ The adderall/ From slamming law/ And disorder/ On this hoarder/ Of shitstorms and/ Clipped formal/ Eccentricities/ Left to sit with me/ I miss normal/ The aftershock/ Is always blissful/ It's calm and simple/ When I'm not the missile/ Headed straight for an honest crippled/ Talk with issues/ That harm and misuse/ My fallen quiver/ To haunt and intrude/ On my paus