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 Agony/ Is pounding, scree-/ -ching on my door, hounding me/ So I grab a ream/ Of paper and begin to shout and free/ These words from my heart, it's challenging/ As the pain keeps hounding me/ And the tears jab and sting/ At my eyes, I'm battling/ Another war, how could he/ Die, I thought we'd have a sea-/   -son without a funeral, standing bleak-/   -ly around a coffin as the gleam-/   -ing bugle plays Taps and we/ Have to be/ Strong for the family/ Crowds will weep/ As shoulders slouch and heave/ With sadness leak-/   -ing from their eyes haphazardly/ It's maddening/ Another year has passed and we/ Keep burying our elders tragically/ I don't know if I can stay around for these/ Tragedies/ Much longer, so I gaze passionately/ Out to sea/ And begin planning each/ Step of my escape back to me/