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Tropics I long for this/ Anonymous/ Social walking mist/ I used to partner with/ Every cautionless/ Night I'd go out, starting with/ A shot that just/ Led to a constant fifth/ Of Jack in my hands, often with/ Vodka mixed/ With pop or simp-/ Le juice, it calmed but it/ Was ponderous/ Before Tropics slit/ It's own throat I'd park in it/ A constant hit/ In the corner, my card charging with/ Drinks, smart and fit/ But pardon miss/ If I vomit in/ The awful bin/ By where you thought to sit/ I'm awful when/ I drink, an ominous/ Posture that/ I take before slaughtering/ Anyone bothering/ Me preposterously/ Its obvious/ To me that cautiousness/ Is something that needs to be common when/ You're arguing/ But I disappear/ When this unclear/ Set of messages is shit, austere/ Risk my near/ Death experiences on shifting gears/ The limbs I shear/ On the fights picked right here/ Missed lightyears/ Clipped eyes, tears/ Blips li


Garden It's heavenly/ When you're next to me/ Especially/ When we're on, definitely/ The best of these/ Days on island, evergreen/ Grass while the other side is feathery/ Pillows and splendidly/ Picked pleasantries/ But incredibly/ It's not always perfect, instead of these/ Moments tempting me/ To make love to you I'm heading to leave/ Through the door, potentially/ Spelling the/ End of these/ Reveries/ Our memories/ Are fresh and clean/ When flesh would meet/ But still, I'm feeling upset and bleak/ I dread your absence/ It leaves me dead, thrashing/ Around spent, fashioned/ From lead, massive/ Bent amounts of/ Blended sadness/ And left handed/ To the depths of madness/ I kept asking/ What was wrong and you wrestled out of/ My arms to then panic/ And with bated breath ban me/ From what had been traction/ I guess averages/ Pan out and I spent handsomely/ And lent lavishly/ To everyone but myself, not a cent dow


Awakened I'm a wanderer/ An uncommon bird/ Flying, on the verge/ Of a cosmic turn/ Of events, stop the purge/ Of racing noise in your head, wasps interred/ Until it's a nest of thoughts and cursed/ Awful words/ The tropics cured/ Me of what I'd lost at first/ But then it sought to hurt/ Me with every dot I merged/ Together/ On the treasure/ Map, an awesome surge/ Of docile verbs/ Enacting a hostile pers-/ On to do his jarring worst/ The harvest churned/ In me the honest urge/ To calmly burn/ The walls I serve/ These thralls and currs/ Despondent burd-/ Ens on me/ Alarming/ Me often, turn-/ Ing to the parts of her/ That start me sure/ On a pardon, cert-/ Ain path to karmic pur-/ Ity, hurriedly/ I charge, I burst/ Onto the scene with a brawl observed/ In my head, raw and terse/ Call alerts/ Because I'm going to knock the world/ Out from under you/ Make way because I'm coming through/ Rushing truth/ To the surfa

Death Row

Death Row I cant sleep/ Because these damn bleat-/ Ing fat sheep/ Harass me/ With thoughts of home everlasting/ They ask me/ If I'm doubting/ Whether I'll be happi-/ Er back there or out be-/ Ing the bad dream/ I've been to half the peop-/ Le I've known, just last week/ I slapped, beat/ Down three/ Annoying ass teens/ For laughing/ As I watched a movie slammed, beat/ After a savage week/ At work, I found these/ Hands swing-/ Ing grabbing/ Necks to gash and ring/ While attacking/ Panicking/ I stand, shriek/ And pass weak/ Guards, they cant catch me/ Tragedy/ Befalls actually/ Facts and brief/ Glass meet-/ Ings with a pastor week-/ Ly leaves me/ Seeking/ A deity/ To help free me/ But they keep me/ In this cage weeping/ Scheming/ To beat these/ Screws/ Loose/ Unleashing/ Rage when they leash me/ Up like a dog, deep things/ Run through my head underneath these/ Veins running varicose/ My demons seem/ To alway