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Pine Box

Pine Box You're wondering why I called/ Because this is all my right fault/ I might drawl/ Into the phone after the night finds prob-/ Lems with me, let's fight like all/ Those days we'd dive right off/ The platform, try light falls/ Ignite slight brawls/ And rise, life brought/ Us to this dry pine box/ You cant climb my balls/ To reach my coattails/ Bitch you know well/ Enough that the slow Hell/ You left me in is so pale/ Compared to the joke jail/ We both fell/ Into, oh, tell/ Me about the ghosts wail-/ Ing in the night that exposed trails/ Straight to the Devil I am, grow sails/ And drift away, but dont sell/ Me short as I post bail/ You'll eat crow, del-/ Icate little liar, my bones felt/ So frail/ As I awoke, held/ Prisoner in Death's own knell/ A poet quells/ His demons with prose, care-/ Ful words and a pen's stroke, delv-/ Ing deep into their hearts, alone paired/ With a light shone where/ Only they can go, stairs/ Creak ominous/ It seems all of this/ W