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Morning Like A Movie Scene

Morning Like A Movie Scene Blankets crinkle/ We lay and dream with/ Favor twinkling/ Over us, let's remain asleep and/ Escape our demons/ With faith, relief and/ Graze, Elysium/ Welcomes us, two shades of people/ On a painter's easel/ Flame and meaning/ Claim and keep us/ You face me eager/ To make believe that/ The rage that keeps me/ Chained and beaten/ Wont leave me slain, defeated/ But God will one day release me/ Praying meekly/ To raise the weakened/ Parts of me as I'm prostrate and weeping/ Rake the heathens/ In me over coals, baked and heated/ Charades and leaflets/ Covering us, promenades and evenings/ My shame, my secrets/ My disgraces, evils/ You take them, treat me/ And make me leap in/ To the deep end, you praise me sweetly/ And to be okay, I need these/ Nocturnal/ Drops furnished/ With all your fix-/ Ings and calm certain-/ Ty, it stops vermin/ In me, locks hurt in/ Its box, worthless/ And I'm caught, wo

Line Of Scrimmage

Line Of Scrimmage Even after/ The greener pastures/ Have met me, I'm not serene or happy/ But beat and captured/ I need to have a/ Conversation, but not with the people that the/ Voices say to meet and answer/ But with myself, my deceitful candor/ Is a plague that defeats and slanders/ My name, this creature's laughter/ Seems to trample/ Over me, echoes, my ears ringing, battered/ I keep dismantling/ The scenes and tragic/ Moments from the deepest caverns/ In my head, believe me, damn your/ Evil sadness/ And leap with ravaged/ Spirits out of its reach and land firm/ In solid truth/ Not the two/ Things that walk with you/ In stolid youth/ I've got to prove/ To myself the awful boon/ That I'm ignoring/ To conform in/ This oddly sewn/ Distraught removed/ Tarnished room/ Carnage grew/ In me, I'm charred and groomed/ Charged, entombed/ By what my thoughts exhume/ Every part of new/ Days, I'm parched and screwed/ M

Random Scribblings

Random Scribblings Profile/ Know I'm just/ A ghost riding/ The rails with smoke behind him/ A slow vial/ Of whiskey chokes, smiles/ At me, my nose finds a/ Trail, I'm close, driving/ At it, exposed eyes in/ Every direction, hope blinding/ Me, cloaked iris/ I suppose rising/ Up is a sewn lining/ In a black cloud/ Ash shroud/ For this lone writer/ Bone dry and/ Prose flies from/ My pen/ And I'm spent/ Right then/ I'm left/ To writhe tense/ And fight bent/ Climb trends/ And slice them/ Into a fine mess/ Life's stress/ Is overwhelming/ Suppose I'm melting/ In the clothes Im wearing/ Dont extend me/ Any hands if you're closing, pelting/ Me with fists, you throw them endless/ I'm so defenseless/ Broken, pensive/ Toast, distressed but/ Chosen, reckoned/ Alone and destined/ To own my legend/ Soaked and rendered/ A boasting member/ Of society/ It frightens me/ But your kindness brings/ The light in


Bloom My dearest secret/ I fear I'll keep it/ Here or even/ As I near the evening/ You're clearly creeping/ Into my heart, sheer and cleanly/ I feel the stinging/ Of Cupid's arrows spearing deeply/ My spirit's singing/ It cheers and reaches/ For the heavens we/ Relentlessly/ Sought to mirror in Eden/ On Earth/ Then stop your/ Endearing dreamy/ Weary slinking/ Off to nights of bleary twinkling/ Eyes my dear I'm shrinking/ In your light its beautiful/ You see the/ Good in me I'm too beat to/ View regal/ The fury of/ Losing the/ Soothing of/ Prudent love/ Is unusual/ To me, clueing rushed/ Thoughts that moving a-/ Way from you is being unglued from gold/ And truth be told/ You're the shimmer in my armor/ The glimmer in my heart for/ The sinner and the martyr/ That listen for our God's words/ The pistol on my farthest/ Hip for when I'm charging/ Into battle/ To dismantle/ The symptoms of my karma/