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Devilish Angel

Devilish Angel

Every night I dream/
Of buying drinks/
In Waikiki/
You sitting right with me/
On a barstool, sliding free-/
Ly into Long Island teas/
And extra iced tequi-/
La, rocks, lightly gleam-/
Ing, our plight, it seems/
So far off, because the bridal winks/
And unrivaled slings/
Of your arm in mine make me the unrivaled King/
Of our entire shrink-/
Ing world, time, it seems/
Would pry and wheeze/
To try and slink/
Through our 2 person pride and sting/
But it was denied, its weak-/
Ness thrown away, to ride and be/
Banished on the tides and sleek/
Hawaiian breeze/
The Piper sings/
And we know that either leads/
To the title or deed/
To a house, private springs/
Of rejuvenating isles, each/
Morning, I'll write the scene/
With my own vibrant ink/
Pour my heart out to unite our links/
Those previously lonely walks/
I was the ghost that haunt-/
Ed the strip, closing off/
Any opportunity with encroaching walls/
Around my soul and heart/
I'd grown to call/
My hole a spot/
It was home but all/
That changed when you broke the col-
Umns that had grown aloft/
Around the frozen dark-/
Ness holding off/
Happiness, I was dozing off/
Choking const-/
Ant with eroding cough/
That was exploding of-/
Ten, unloading wrong/
In every direction, but you drove it off/
We'd go and charm/
Every open bar-/
Tender, and you slowly brought/
Me back to life, the ocean's karm-/
A a total loss/
Over shots/
Of the oldest scotch/
For me, you'd scope and talk/
Found the gold and stock/
In the man the world hated, wrote him off/
I saw that when hope was gone/
And I felt so forgot-/
Ten, only God/
Could stoke the harsh/
Flames, a demon was unexpected/
And unrepentant/
Nothing less than/
A public specta-/
Cle, a brunt of questions/
At how the one that left me/
In utter breathless-/
Ness was summoned restless/
from below, where the depths of Hell sit/
God said he'd saw me running reckless/
Yet on my knees, struggling, begging/
For love, acceptance/
And The One to bless me/
He laughed and succumbed to vengeance/
Because no Angel would rush to help me/
So he spoke to the Devil and said to punish endless/
This young man with your roughest weapon/
So he did, and the dirt trembled/
On the beach, and I heard echo-/
Ing laughter, my stomach churned, pendu-/
Lums began to swerve, let go/
And my nerves said no/
But it was too late, she seized a bird, bent the/
Neck un-/
Til it broke, she ate it, I observed, unsettled/
She turned, set those/
Jaws and lurched, said hello/
I'm your girl, let those/
Bated breaths end though/
She cackled loudly/
My pallor ashen/
Static crackling/
In the background the/
Blackest alley/
But I said fuck it, she may be a tad bit mad but/
She values actually/
Reading and has standards grappling/
With a wild heart and savage grounding/
Has no rap sheet/
Her ass' astounding/
Prattles loudly/
But she has to have me/
So I grabbed the mad de-/
Mon's hand and gravi-/
Tated towards the 24/7 M.A.C. and found me/

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