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Entombing Eyes

Entombing Eyes

I hope you're doing fine/
Moving right/
Through your incongruent life/
With your abusive lies/
Becoming an inclusive fire/
Showing you cant look at the bluest skies/
Standing in the soothing light/
Of the truth you tried/
To lose in my/
Entombing eyes/
The proof is time-/
Less, and I'm just/
The fighter/
That refused to die/
As you denied this/
I'm spiteless/
But you're the stupid trite/
A disaster/
Bruised, a blight/
A nuisance, bile/
Will forever exhume and rise/
Whenever I do describe/
You to myself, useless fright-/
Ened impudent liar/
Your excuses final-/
Ly tied the noose that binds you/
Uncouth and trifl-/
Ing, I say boo, you sidle/
Up next to your doom and stifle/
Your room to climb up/
Dude you might've/
Been more than the booze and nightclubs/
But who am I to/
Choose your life for/
You, just know I pray/
For divine grace/
To give you a new desire/
For life free from your brutish styles/

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I often feel apart from the world. I enjoy it, partake in it, and have connections within its borders, but I am not of it. Truth is that I can't relate to the vast majority of people. Like seeing a flop at a poker table, Ive just become intimately attuned with a variety of social situations and the nuances they require. Admittedly, and indeed surprisingly to some to whom I never waste my breath, I tend to be very commanding and articulate in conversation. I can converse on a variety of topics with nimble comfort, and set the focus of my attention at ease rather quickly. Im particularly adept at engaging strangers in conversation, breaking them from their reveries, then gleaning what I need from them. On a whole Im very Machiavellian, and I harbor no shame about this side of my nature. The world turned its back on me years ago, so I have no qualms about using its denizens for my own gain when they've proven themselves sufficiently immoral and ill-mannered. From the perspective